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Destiny. #WrestleMania @dmcintyrewwe

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  1. He beat brock and big show !! You’ve exceeded the limits of scenarios to give grand value of this arrogant?

  2. OK. OK. OK. You knocked brocks head off.. and I knew you would. You earned new respect from me ??

  3. Congrats on your big win on Sunday night againsted Brock Lesner couldn’t get up on his 2 feet Brock Lesner learned his lesson this time he got 4 clay more kicks

  4. Brock will be back this is all part of the game but congratulations to Drew for obtaining the title but they gave it to him when it’s corona time how garbage so the whole crowd wanted to see what will happen when Brock come back and reclaim it had the belt millions of times this is Drew first time

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