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It is time. NOW on @usa_network, the #WWEUniverse gets a #NXTTakeOver match in all its “Glory.” Will @realkeithlee walk out with gold? Will @dijakovicwwe get a win over an old foe and snag his title? Or will @archerofinfamy cement his legacy and #LiveForever with the #NXTNATitle? #WWENXT

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  1. You know what Smackdown and Raw are missing with their championships that NXT masters? They make each reign its own era. Every champion felt like they ran the company and their stories all felt larger than life and most of them went on for long periods of time. Cole’s reign has been the undisputed era where a faction ran the division. Roode’s reign was one of militaristic sovereignty and even when feuds didn’t adjust the way the company functioned, their stories were still unique and gripping. Nakamura and Joe didn’t hold their belts for long but they made up for it by having a combined era where they just worked off of each other. Baylor’s reign was used to make the company feel like an actual brand of its own and set the champ up as someone legitimately above everyone. On the “main roster” the belts don’t feel as special. Reigns are short and stories can end at the blink of an eye. Normally the obvious answers win and nobody else seems to actually have a shot. The Fiend was dethroned by someone who just came back, not someone they had history with and even now that belt is going to be relegated soon anyway. Nobody is going to remember the Goldberg era. It’s a flash in the pan without any history and once it’s over it’s never going to be addressed again. WWE can fix this if they’d just let their stars have continuous feuds and long, story driven reigns. When Reigns eventually dethrones Goldberg (or maybe Strowman which won’t happen but would be awesome) have it so that they hold that belt and give them repeated rounds with someone. Something as small as say Kevin Owens losing a title shot and when Roman offers his hand, have Owens slap it away and tell him that he’ll take it when he beats him. That way you can set up a long time feud and make Roman feel like an actual obstacle to overcome. There’s a lot of interesting stuff to make it special but nothing is really being done about it

  2. I need audiences for this match, damn sure they will shout very loud when Keith Lee hit Damian with some powerbomb on Dominik

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