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@petedunne sent @riddlebro some big time help in #TimothyThatcher!! @wwenxt

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  1. wow. it;s bad enough you steal ringkampf and chnage their nme to sound like star wars villians ( get it’s because their foreign, and foreign heels are amazing, remember Rusev who I’ve just fired. he was great as a russian putin lover even though he was bulgarian.) so we’ll change axel dieter junior to Marcer berthal, because I want my threatening foreign heel stereotype nobody asked for to sound like a fashion designer. Walter can keep his name because he was big in progress and we can amke money off of his name because our UK fans most likely watch progress too, and to top it all off we’ll not even finish the origina three off with a perfectly available timothy thatcher ( another name we didn’t change because we can capitalize off it because of progress) and replace him with some italian guy none of hem even know so that it makes it look new enoughso people won’t notice. Instead we’ll just replace an injured pete dunne, another person whose name we capitalize off of because of progress fans, make him look like Hunter’s pet project and the pair him with a man who has a history of violating wellness policies ( sorry matt) who we’ll hire because we need more money from his name in the indies. Then when Pete gets injured we won’t vacate the belts or set up an angle, we’ll just replace him. WWE GOT BIG BRAIN

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