NBA Team Update for the win (5/5/18), as heard around the world! …

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? @kingjames’ #TissotBuzzerBeater for the @cavs win (5/5/18), as heard around the world! #ThisIsYourTime

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  1. Don’t the American people want to take action to stop the US-Israeli violence in the Middle East ?????

  2. Yeah I did that buzzer beater on my 4th grade ymca team problem was I didn’t have the cameras on

  3. Most overrated game winner. This game winner lead to his Finals record being worse. Lebum is overrated. MJ is better

  4. You post a hockey game while I have to inform the people of how great Trump is doing. He literally made a China virus cure out of bleach?!?! What about post about that and educate these boys and girls. He’s also opening the economy, so America can be number 1 in death. Best president ever for making us number 1 in everything! Trump 2020 who’s with me? #bleachismedicine

  5. How is this greatness???
    Michael Jordan:
    ??Swept back to back years in the first round
    ??only 6 games positive with no Pippen?
    ??never won a playoff series without HOF player or coach ??Lebron passed MJ in points on 1200+ less shot attempts
    ??Never was good passer as LBJ
    ??Lebron James is a better shooter
    ??Left to play baseball and his team went from 58 to 56 wins CARRIED MUCH ??Competition Consisted of Old Stockton and Malone and Magic last year before leaving with Aids?
    ??Made playoffs with negative records multiple times
    ??0 winning season without Pippen
    ??Lebron has more All NBA first teams than Mj
    ??Rings!?? Robert Horry got 7 Bill Russel got 11 your point?
    ??Jordan 90 percent of the time didn’t guard the best player on the other team ??LBJ has more game winners in playoffs 4th Quarter or Overtime ??His own teammate Steve Kerr called LBJ the “greatest athlete of all time” mind you Lebron isn’t done playing
    ??LEBRON JAMES IS THE GOAT!!!! The list can go on follow me and DM me so I could send you this !?

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