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Flashback to a HISTORIC playoff game where the Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers tied the NBA Playoff record for 3-pointers made in a single game with …

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This NBA’s video is titled Historic 3PT Playoff Duel | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 01:31:07, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Appreciate greatness. Being in the Finals for consecutive years is such a feat that even my favourite players Kobe (also got in Finals consecutive times but not as many as LBJ's able to achieve) and KD are not able to do. Yes, we can say that LBJ always had 2 all stars beside him and are there to save his legacy as haters always want to point out but what we're witnessing is a top 3 all time player to play the game (for me). So just stop the hate. We're fucking lucky to witness a generational talent in this era that we're living as sports and basketball fans. Enough with the bullshit and just appreciate greatness.

  2. a coarse timber like humphries won millions of dollars in basketball. life is so unfair.

  3. Horford is so underrated bruh he can do everything on the court he just never had a reliable superstar on his team

  4. WEAK east, it's NO WONDER that LeBITCH won it eight straight years. man, ANY star player could do this if the COMPETITION was this damn GARBAGE

  5. Can nba stop upload brunch lebron games? The tittle is kyrie but we knew nba just wanna show lebron. How about more diversity?

  6. Channing was so awesome during the Playoffs, but couldn’t do anything in the Finals. Couldn’t keep his defense on the floor.

  7. Real MVP of this series was the Atlanta organ player ???? anyone else peep that? He was playing HEAT

  8. Dally got a little too excited that Shumpy threw down a monster jam off the put-back. Tried to get a little crazy and ran that dude down lmfao.

    Edit: Blazemore!

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