Watch NBA LeBron James' ? 2016 Playoff Journey | #PostseasonHeroics

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Relive LeBron James’ heroic postseason run in 2016 with the Cleveland Cavaliers! #PostseasonHeroics Subscribe to the NBA: Full …

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This NBA’s video is titled LeBron James' ? 2016 Playoff Journey | #PostseasonHeroics and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:36:20, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I just got to say. It took the quarantine for the NBA channel to create this video. They should been making videos like these for every MVP ever lol. They attacked channels like FreeDawkins who been doing this for years. I don't get it. It's takes so long to get these kind of videos. Or some of the full games. The NBA should of been doing this. NBA League selection is shitty at best. You can find any camera angle on NFL pass. NBA your lucky if they have it. Most likely will find it on YouTube. That's sad.

  2. the inflated player in the history of the nba bronsexual james how old he has been playing how many rings he has 3 how many finals he lost 6 then why do they say that he is the best player in history for leading Michael jordan, koby among others but how long does it take? in doing it? that is demerit it and the same because they do not say players who helped him win those 3 rings ?, why they do not put tim duncan, who won 5 championships or other players that sounds fanboys millennia to me,
    it is equal to the trash of the game of stars that they ruined I prefer that it return to the previous format that was east vs. west players who were on each side on time to consent to bronsexual must be played in their own way is a bullshit

  3. Cavs fans turn their back on the fact that the NBA had an agenda and helped LeBron cheat to win, the early calls on Curry, Thompson, the tech on Draymond after the game?? Never heard of in NBA history before or since, many fans left the NBA after that, but hey Cavs can pretend but it was the end of the NBA ,..all down hill from here…..#NBAagenda

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