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Go through UFC history as we pay tribute to every lightweight champion in the promotion’s history. From Jens Pulver to Khabib Nurmagomedov and everyone …

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This UFC’s video is titled Every Lightweight Champion in UFC History | May, 2020 and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:08:11, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Khabib is 12-0 in the UFC with almost all super favorable matchups for a grappler. He has managed to avoid all the bad matchups for him and i say Gaethje is by far his worst and toughest matchup and he will lose that fight, I also thought he would lose to Tony. Khabib is overratted in the UFC and that is why no one ever brings up his name for greatest fight in the ufc.
    Win 28–0 Dustin Poirier

    Win 27–0 Conor McGregor

    Win 26–0 Al Iaquinta

    Win 25–0 Edson Barboza

    Win 24–0 Michael Johnson

    Win 23–0 Darrell Horcher

    Win 22–0 Rafael dos Anjos

    Win 21–0 Pat Healy

    Win 20–0 Abel Trujillo

    Win 19–0 Thiago Tavares

    Win 18–0 Gleison Tibau

    Win 17-0 Kamal Shalorus

  2. It's interesting that BJ Penn, Benson Henderson, and Frankie Edgar are tied with the most title defenses in Lightweight history with 3. Khabib will have a chance to join the Prodigy, Smooth, and the Answer if he defends his title against the Highlight (a draw is considered a title defense, which is what happened with Frankie Edgar's first defense against Gray Maynard).

  3. Rip abdulmanab..last time with his father on his corner for the lightweight title fight..
    You will be always remembered and khabib will retire undefeated lightweight champion of the world

  4. lightweight is full of some assassin killers… I head a hypothesis about why that is. it goes that most average sized men are around this size after weight cuts and therefore this division has some of the most fighters to choose from and therefore the largest pool of talent. for this reason defending your belt in this division is an extra special accomplishment ?

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