Watch UFC Free Fight: Chris Weidman vs Lyoto Machida | UFC 175, 2014

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After stunning a lot of people with back-to-back wins over Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman defeated another Brazilian in Lyoto Machida for his second title …

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This UFC’s video is titled Free Fight: Chris Weidman vs Lyoto Machida | UFC 175, 2014 and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:28:18, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Weidman was a fucking beast man, sometimes you forget about how great these guys were in their prime.

  2. I woulda loved to see Weidman in his prime vs costa or Whitaker. I think they woulda matched up well.

  3. I wish Chris Weidman come make a turn around and become again the best because he made a great champion

  4. I have no ill will towards Goldberg wish him well… But one of the dumbest commentariors… with all the inside vantage points given just wasn't up to par… Look how Joe broke down the reason for Chris to open with leg kicks for the counter from Machida to pursue the takedown and just as he calls it it takes place… Luh Joe even if people disagree…
    Joe" exactly as we thought… No it's exactly how you said…

  5. pre usada and pre IV ban for both fighters.

    Those two things changed the game in a really big way.

    This version of Weidman would most likely still be champion.

  6. Time has shown us that Rockhold and Weidman are shitty fighters yet Machida lost to both of them despite defeating the likes of Belfort, Sonnen, Rashad and Bader

  7. Weidman never really got much respect as the middleweight champion.. He beat some of the best fighters ever in the sport.. Anderson Silva, Belfort, Machida. He was very underrated.

  8. I know Machida never had much success as the champion.. But he's like the first karate guy to use that style and be very effective. At times he was o defensive and tried to counter to much.. That's why he failed against Shogun because of that aggressive thai style. Those guys were use to getting hit hard in training.

  9. Watching this I kept wondering why is Machida not setting up his low kicks more? And then the his straight left jab. It's close early on.

  10. I never thought machida should have dropped to middleweight. He just seemed less energetic, less powerful.

  11. curioso pero no vi a machida derrotado siempre fue debil en el suelo pero se sobrepuso y luxo y pego hasta el final no lo vi derrotado debieron declarar 1 empate estaban muy igxalados me carga cuando pasan estas injusticias y en otros combates ke no debieran declaran empate

  12. I never knew Chris Weidman defended his championship against Lyoto Machida. It’s crazy this fight is so good and I’ve really heard nothing about it.

  13. Always hated wiedmen. Talking shit about belfort trt levels when they fought snd then it came out his level were way high also. And since usada the guy has looked like shit lol

  14. I was just about to skip some of the gift and watch some highlights but sucked into the whole fight??

  15. I remember this.
    Every time I see this, reminds me how Machida was robbed. Weidman greatest feat was Anderson Silva, after that he was a terrible champ

  16. "Rushing in on Machida is like running into a wood chipper" – Mike Goldberg 2014

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