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Preview the main event of the UFC 249 prelims on Saturday between Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and former UFC lightweight champion Anthony “Showtime” …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 249: Cerrone vs Pettis 2 – Preview and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:02:28, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Cowboy has become a poser! Seeing on this video that he always comes ready to fight ready to win. He just admitted that he wasn't into the McGregor fight and basically mentally lost a fight before it even started. He's the kind of guy that if he feels up to it you'll have a decent fight and if he doesn't he gets his ass whooped. I'm not a Pettis fan but I hope he kicks Cowboys ass and retires him. If you're mentally not into it in your heart's not into it quick collected money and wasting all of our times watching you on TV

  2. Granted while I believe it would be in Cerrone's best interest to hang it up and call it a career lets not be disrespectful to this man's achievements here.

    Most fights under the UFC promotion
    Most wins under the UFC promotion
    Most finishes under the UFC promotion

    Win, lose, or draw he's literally fought all the whose who of the division. Even past his prime who have his last couple of opponents been: Ferguson, Gaethje, and McGregor. Do I think he's shot? Yes. Yet and still put respect on Cowboy's legacy cause he's given us many great fights over the years ?

  3. Cowboy has been in way to many wars his ass is done. He took the sport serious alittle to late. It took cowboy having a kid to finally focus. And with that focus he has lost 3 fights.

  4. It is the second round of the fight. Not the same fighter at all. It just put a positive proof that Conor fought a washed up, shop worn, old Cerrone. The perfect opponent to bring back Conor’s career by providing him a sacrificial lamb. Nice business move for Dana and the UFC. Proved all along that the UFC’s cash cow would be ensured of an easy, impressive win. ???

  5. Ok, So Cowboy won that fight doesn't matter to either one of them: full stop – Cerrone Beat Robby Lawler who went on to be Champ? OK Robby was a good Champ respected, But he Lost to Cowboy on a stacked card with millions watching, and went on to be UFC Champ.

    Donald got Screwed! Love his his family Rock On!

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