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Hear Henry Cejudo’s post-fight comments after defeating Dominick Cruz and announcing his retirement from the sport. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 249: Henry Cejudo Post-fight Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:23:38, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. i used to not like to look at him and his hair is aweful but listening to him its hard not to like him

  2. Just like GSP 33 years old and going out on top. Henry Cejudo you are an awesome warrior, what a great career. I was so excited for you to come into the UFC and be a challenger for Demetrious Johnson. When you finally beat DJ i was so happy for you. And when you knocked out TJ i was stunned in amazement. When you turned it around on Marlon Moraes and took his ass out ferociously I was cheering for you. And when you knocked out Cruz I was cheering for you. You are a hell of an athlete and I am a lifelong fan thanks for all the great moments.

  3. Henry is backing up the talk. However, he needs to have at least defend it as many times as Mighty Mouse before we can call him the GOAT

  4. i am convinced that Cejudo's ego is responsible for all his accomplishments and he is just along for the ride, i mean holy fuck he called himself the greatest combat sports athlete of all time, he bragged how he was drafted by every school in the country, he called himself a fucking genius, brought up he can speak three languages(i bet 2 of them are romance languages and therefore the easiest possible languages in the world to go from one to the other) brings up the fact that he went back to school after the oympics and got his degree like its not the obvious and smart thing to do, ignores the fact that its a useless degree and he wasted his time and money and flips it into another hero act saying he did it for his younger relatives, almost cries when he says do you guys know how much pressure is on me and how much work i have to do, yea you made millions its almost like the reward is directly relative to the work you put in, and like a true douche had to bring up the fact that he has done charity work because thats the real meaning of helping your fellow man is so you can brag about it, he repeated all this shit about how glorious he is multiple times, its almost like he was trying hard to convince himself it wasn't bullshit. And he is so ready for retirement for all the right reasons, he talked to his mentor dontcha know, he is ready to start a family and a career, also multiple times states how the right paycheck will bring him back, dude you haven't even finished your retirement speech and your already saying money can bring you back, i'm sure that will inspire confidence in any future business partner or your girlfriend about your level of commitment you are going to put into a business or family, your ego is so huge its obvious you think dana is going to come running with a huge paycheck begging you to come back the moment you leave the stadium, i think you might have sorely overestimated yourself and the massive numbers of young raw talent just waiting for a UFC contract, so get comfy, me and i'm sure most people would rather see GSP vs. Khabib and Dana hasnt pulled out the checkbook for that yet. Holy fuck i just now noticed the egomaniac wore his fucking olympic medal to the press conference showing that he had pre-planned this whole thing. Bravo!

  5. Honestly i think its funny how someone can be cringe but he would beat your ass in seconds. I wouldnt say cringe, i just say havin fut wit it lol

  6. Cruz wasn't getting up when the ref stopped the fight, he was just trying to bend the knee. So long champ.

  7. A smart thing to do Cejudo, just look at Matt Serra he blew it, he should have stopped after beating GSP, he would have been better off now he is just getting fat from eating pizza.

  8. Cejudo you need to retire your girlfriend she is 2ft taller than you. People might make fun of you on the streets and kick your butt!

  9. it's gonna be a real bummer if cejudo does retire in earnest, because even though i hate the cringe, i really love to watch the man fight.

  10. You can't take anything away from Henry that's for sure.. but when guys like him and a few others that have one or two title defenses start talking about being the greatest of all time,,when you have people that clean a vision like George St-Pierre,,jon Jones, and Anderson.
    And let's not forget Demetrious Johnson… a guy should get five or six title defenses before he even gets mentioned in that class

  11. Henry u r the one of the best come back athelic of all time no one had ever accomplished what u had accomplished. Bst of luck for ur new chapter happy married life

  12. Henry fought TJ at 125 why he talking like he beat him at 135? TJ had to practically kill himself to make 125

  13. Henry you’re a man of you word, when you say you retire you are retired and no amount of money will NEVER make you go back on you word. RIGHT? I know your Father brought you up to be a man of your word and a hand shake is your bond. Adios

  14. Please u aint the best u only have 16 wins and barely have any title defenses. There r fighters out there with over 25 fights and defended their titles how many times for how many years like jose aldo ? Just a coward move to want to retire on top when u havent done much.

  15. good fighter but a damn fool when it comes to business and deal making situations. he thought he could use retirement as leverage, but uncle Dana doesn't give a fly's shit.

  16. He's really a good guy… I remember That little guy around the tournaments back in the day… I wish you well in the new chapter in your life…

  17. Too bad he didn't have a personality. If he could sell a fight he would be one rich man. He is a beast and has proved it at multiple divisions. Just no one cares about him, he's very unlikable. That's why he's 'retiring' he's begging Dana for more money and Dana's not going to budge because he can't put fans in the seats like the big boys

  18. He has a degree, a gold medal , two belts in ufc in different divisions, he don’t have a father, is a good person, 3 different languages, mexican-american looking for the american dream , loves every one, like the bad cold jeje Dom Cruz, and Ariel Helwani and says Dana bring it back, is a exámple for the kids ? Bravo Cejudo ?? Bravo Triple “C” and he is a World Champion ???

  19. Dana White should've signed Kevin Belingon in the UFC. His sleeping on this amazing athlete and this the perfect match for Henry Cejudo and it's shouldn't be Peter Yann

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