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In this episode John and Dan preview the UFC 249 main event between Tony ‘El Cucuy’ Ferguson and Justin ‘The Highlight’ Gaethje. Subscribe to get all the …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 249: Inside the Octagon – Ferguson vs Gaethje and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:23:26, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. holy crap, Tony looked LIGHT weight and when taking alot of those shots,, hes gonna feel those impacts more.

  2. replace cruz with hardy on the commentator panel, cruz is always reading too much into a person losing saying they're playing possom n such

  3. Tony Ferguson needs to practice defense and frustration management.

    Cat fighting a Tiger match.

  4. Hahahaha Tony is the type of stupid guy ?

    Tony like a chicken fighter ???

  5. Good fight between Poirier and Gaethje in 2018:

    Also remember:

    Khabib dominated Poirier last year, who beat Gaethje the year before. Gaethje just beat Ferguson.

    I know this kind of math doesn't always stack up in MMA, but it might give us an idea of how a Khabib vs Gaethje or Ferguson fight might have gone!

  6. Tony has under estimated him or his over confidence should be one of the reason. Justin changed his face which reminded me of Zhang Vs Jonna.
    The next fights should be Justin Vs Notorious ?
    Tony Vs Eagle ?

  7. Tony beat Tony, he did not fight a smart fight. Tony played Gaethje game kept it close, and standing. Also tony looked Skinner.

  8. Who came to laugh at the comments after the fight?. We're getting down to the wire for who can take out Khabib. I just hope Gaethje doesn't kill anyone in the octagon.

  9. Strange that a guy with such a high fight IQ where he seems 3-4 moves ahead of his opponent just completely
    Nullified his reach advantage by over committing to telegraphed haymakers the whole time, getting within range of a super strong/fast guy with strong counterpunching. Missed opportunity for several counter elbows and knees. Tony wasn’t fighting Saturday night. I don’t know who was but it didn’t look professional at all I hate to say, because I love the guy as an athlete and a fighter!

  10. I’m a little disappointed Tony fought Justin. Only because who is going to fight Khabib now? I guess Justin but 1 that’s not the fight they have been hyping for the last year and 2 Justin just went through a 5 round war. So how long before he’s ready? Or who else would fight Khabib instead?

  11. What's happening with this show? 251 is a huge event, fight island! No analysis? What gives!?

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