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Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson react to their UFC 249 clash that saw Gaethje win the interim lightweight championship. Gaethje says he’s ready for …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 249: Justin Gaethje & Tony Ferguson Octagon Interviews and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:05:23, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Had to watch it again. I was drunk during the fight. I felt bad for tony when he started shaking his head like that. Both dudes are beasts!

  2. What I don't get with some of these fans is that Tony went on a twelve fight win streak and now that he has lost almost everyone is bashing the guy some of you are so ungrateful for some of the spectacular fights he has put on fights against cowboy, Pettis, Lee, and even this one all tho he lost he still deserve respect and some of you have never been in a fight you guys just love to hate for no reason and can't do the shit that he does…..still wanna see tony vs khabib even tho im looking forward for khabib vs Justin as well

  3. Props to both for putting on a great fight, I feel like it's been a while since you watched a satisfying fight, where they both got the punches in and it went 5 rounds, a good old fashioned ass kicking… who's gonna go down we don't know…. the adrenaline of watching what could happen from second to second was awesome…. Btw, Tony's face WAS actually hit by the kitchen sink, that man is legit. He got rocked pretty good and Gaethje was probably thinking: " shit, how much longer, I've punched him with everything I got and he's still upright! El Cucuy's gonna f*ck me up" But hats off to Justin for really putting on the pressure and Tony doing his best as well!

  4. Dam Tony, pity you wouldn't be more humble and nice like that more often. Makes you look and sound a whole lot better as a fighter and a human being. Less of all the unnessecary swearing when being interviewed would be great also. Well done though for taking your defeat well and not being a sore loser. You are an awesome fighter, and def one of the best in MMA history. As a sports person you are def one of my favourites and a huge inspiration and role model when it comes to discipline, determination, fighting skill and tenacity. Heal up bro. Can't wait to see you come back a better fighter, and better human being from this defeat.

  5. Tony ferguson :' I wanted him to finish'.. I don't know bro but u don't get finished unless ur death Lal.. The chin Tony has is unseen. But Justins striking man Jesus christ the accuracy.

  6. I am not happy because tony loss in this fight and I want rematch for dana white in rematch tony 100% is Winner I am have believe to tony must he go to wrestling Tony I am believe to you man

  7. What's insane is how coherent tony was even though he took so many hard shots wasn't even slurring or anything the man is made from something different

  8. Tony really wanted it, the next one will be interesting to see, I hope Tony comes back to fight Kabib.

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