Watch UFC UFC Debut: Darren Till vs Wendell de Oliveira | Free Fight

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On this day five years ago, Darren Till made his UFC debut against Wandell de Oliveira in Brazil. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC Debut: Darren Till vs Wendell de Oliveira | Free Fight and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:07:44, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Till showed great prudence and control coming into this fight and maintained safe distance from oppoents power, he might have a future?

  2. ANYBODY ELSE REALIZE HE DOES NOT KICK LIKE THIS OR STANCE LIKE THIS ANYMORE. … think it’s a mistake this standup was much superior technique!!!

  3. I like Marlon. Everything about him says killer. He should be in a gangster movie or sumn. Has that 'il chop you up' kinda look. Great for tv

  4. In my opinion.. there are only 2 kinds of fighters in the UFC..
    The kind that have Championship potential.. and could possibly hold a belt one day.
    and then there's..
    The kind who are just NOT Championship material.. and will NEVER hold the Gold.
    These guys are the "punching bags' of the sport.. the "tomato cans" if you will – they are the ones who just do not have that special X factor or the up and comers who are just not well rounded enough.. or the ones who have just been in it for way too long with their better days far behind them.. the guys who are just happy to get a paycheck.. and just happy to be here.
    Hey.. they are warriors.. and they make the sport exciting to watch.. but they just do NOT have what it takes.. to EVER be a Champion in the UFC.

    Darren Till is not just a member of this group…. He is the PRESIDENT.

  5. Thanks for the replay! Had to rewatch 3 times to verify Till stopping b4 the ref stopped him. Respect to Darren Till!

  6. Whats the point of gloves if they can hit you with a elbow, knee, kick might as well use raw knuckles

  7. first time to see til fight.
    bad elbows!! loved it !!
    used to b Canadian
    "David lawazo" he would
    open u up & have u bleeding with ellbows
    from guard. Till will
    do well as he is only
    in his early. 20s

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