Watch UFC Dana White talks Amanda Nunes, UFC 250, Fight Island and more

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UFC President Dana White talked with the media after the UFC 250 weigh-in about a range of topics including Amanda Nunes, UFC 250, Fight Island and more.

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This UFC’s video is titled Dana White talks Amanda Nunes, UFC 250, Fight Island and more and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:16:11, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. why don't you come to Croatia???Stipe would have ton of fans here, in Poljud, Hajduk Split's house!!!Dalmatia…we don't have problem with covid anymore, and in a few months we could host UFC, with Stipe and DC as main card!!!60000 people would come, easy…

  2. “Amanda could be the first person in history to defend both titles, where does that put her in MMA history?” – dear ‘reporter’, stay home if you are asking a question and also answering it.

  3. Feel like Jorge should know that if he gets half the money it is not 100% on Usman. He'd probably get around or possibly more because he's arguably the biggest star barring Conor. But there's no gate and the UFC will get as much as feasible from ppvs alone.

  4. Has Dana just banned Ariel from these things cus these "journalists" are as much of help as Stephen A Smith ( no offence Stephen don't hurt me )

  5. "no problem with m,y employees,expressing their opinion"yet they put in contracts the word disparaging".I would say that is very hypocritical or Dana doesn't understand the definition of disparaging.
    You also notice how ANGRY and fast Dana says "LISTEN,i did not buy a fight island"yet he throws out the phrase "this guy "burns"wants to fight,these other guys don't want to fight".There is a VERY big difference from not wanting to fight and not coming to a conclusion on a FAIR negotiation.
    As of right now,Dana appears to NOT be negotiating under FAIR terms and he is saying "take it or leave it"and saying things like "they don't want to fight".There is btw some people trying to get steadfast law announced so these fighters can negotiate under FAIR terms but apparently the UFC has been paying lobbyists "likely lobbyists working for the UFC"to make sure it never happens.

    The UFC IS running a monopoly,they made sure to remove the two biggest competitors even to the point of hiring Scott Coker for just long enough to get it done.As o fright now the fighters can challenge a contract based on "pressure or feeling forced to sign"but they would have to go to the supreme courts.There is no question these fighters are pressured into a take it or leave it contract.

  6. Dana's definition of DON'T=They don't want to agree to my terms,so they don't want to fight.Sadly by the time laws are added and the fighters finally get their fair day in negotiations,Dana will be gone.Right now i 100% beleive Dana is only still doing this because he is AFRAID someone else wil lstep in and do a BETTER job and make him look bad.

  7. One of the reasons that the pressure is greater at the top is because the motivation to TAKE a belt from a champ is usually greater than the motivation to keep it .

  8. No wonder non of these fights, Dana’s saying the fighters don’t want to fight and next minute he says that he hasn’t gave any of these matchups any thought. Bludclart?!

  9. Dana you know the powers that be want to destroy you just for speaking truth on President Trump! Plus i think you know this plandemic and over extended shutdown is an evil plan by these same people ! Even though you don't want to adress it and i wish you would , i still feel you have more balls than most !

  10. Rousey had competition and intriguing matchups, so did Silva. A revenge matchup w Cat? Nope, they cut her. Cyborg rematch? Nope, they cut her. Bullet trilogy? PLEASE!!! Spencer was a can. She definitely was #1 contender. But that is a sad statement. GDR was very one-dimensional and that's the 135 division. Nunes is way ahead of the game. So we get Wandy in Pride FC fights. Add soccer kicks to the head and get WWE female wrestlers in masks. It'd be just as competitive as this.

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