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Michael Bisping, winner of TUF season three, won a razor-close contest with Anderson Silva at the O2 arena in London back in 2016. Subscribe to get all the …

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This UFC’s video is titled Free Fight: Michael Bisping vs Anderson Silva | 2016 and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:32:10, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. This was the most awkward and garbage fight of Silva's career. No way a b level fighter like Bisping would have beat a focused Silva.

    They keep talking about Silva's accuracy yet he was throwing looping punches over top of Bispings head. All he did was show boat. This has to be the equivalent of taking a dive in other sports.

  2. these judges man .. totally destroyed messed up man thats clearly super hurt.. wins.. against barely brused opponent.

  3. Everybody knows Bisping lost this fight. Anderson Silva just gave him a face in front of Home crowd fan. What a true Legend Silva was. Total respect Anderson Silva. GOAT.

  4. Never heard such biased commentary, and what a bullshit decision. Silva was so much better, especially in the later rounds. Bisping threw but landed Nothing, Silva was calmy and patiently picking him apart. Absolute bullshit he lost that. Bisping only won because it was in England. Fucking embarrassing

  5. I wanted Silva to win but Bisping’s heart made me like him more he really is a warrior at heart and that makes him one of the greatest he could have quit everytime he lost but he picked himself up respect to him

  6. What happened at about 7:31 of the fight, Anderson pauses for a bit to check Bisping's okay but I don't understand why?

  7. Bispings such a real one all heart n soul that knee was dirty as fuck Silva knew he was looking at the ref to get his mouthpiece and took advantage of it bispings a good guy good heart and never gave up give the guy more respect hes earned it over n over big fan here from the welsh valleys

  8. I'm from Britain and anyone that says Silva didn't want that fight are just lying to them self's fuck me the guy won it twice hahahah

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