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UFC heavyweight Curtis Blaydes has racked up an impressive list of fight finishes in just a little over four years with the promotion. Subscribe to get all the latest …

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This UFC’s video is titled Top Finishes: Curtis Blaydes and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:04:06, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Is it really a Top Finishes video in the Heavyweight division if Overeem isn’t getting finished?

  2. I feel like if curtis wins then later on the line they should make the ngannou trilogy as a ufc heavyweight title eliminator since dc and stipe 3 is confirmed

  3. One of the first times I’ve physically cringed at a top finishes videos. This man is a destroyer with the elbows and seeing that blood flow every time just sends shivers down my spine.

  4. Maaan …I'll say this..Curtis Blades will be a champ..nooo doubt about that..the man is the truth of the heavyweight division

  5. Curtis blaydes is going to make it into the ufc hall of fame I’m already calling it the guy is young and already crushing records

  6. the most annoying thing about UFC is some of these referees
    like they can't even do such a seriously easy job

  7. Curtis “gets on top” blouse . Man I cringe watching this guy getting paid for doing nothing spectacular for MMA.

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