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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 250: Dana White Post-fight Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:31:20, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. How has Conor and Tony not fought yet?? Nobody wants to see Conor walk through Cowboy or Jon Jones demolish Anthony Smith and Thiago Santos charging $70 for them is a crime

  2. imagine making all this money, and MAYBE living a modest life. These guys cant keep their lifestyles alive with this crisis, its what more money means

  3. Khabib defeated Poirier.
    Poirier defeated Gaetheje.
    Gaetheje defeated Ferguson.

    Still McGregor fans are blabbing, this time Khabib will loose. Crazy guys ???

  4. Corona hoax
    Floyd hoax
    A Jesuit Agenda
    Order out of Chaos Government and media are playing us all for Dummies and we are Toilet paper no doubt about it….

  5. i like his response to the protest… he allows his team to express themselves however they want

    but at the same time not forcing politics down everyone's throat

  6. Da um tempo sem luta espera senão vai acabar o trabalho todo trabalhou para que ágora estabiliza deixa de falar só no MMA BLZ fala em parceria e conjunto senão fudeu mudou agora deve ser transmitido
    Espetáculos não carnificinas ninguém patrocina carnificina muda o elenco ? sacou novas roupagens amigo Cocriar com os mesmos mas em outra formação blz forte abraço ?? faça o espetáculo lindo Vms ver o desafio muda a configuração senão vai errar ? repaginado o programa a negada não q mais sangue sacou mude o seu talento vc sabe fazer ok parabéns irmão se cuide? Deus lhe abençoe merece amigo mas repagine seu talento cocrie a luz e dará tudo certo audiência monstra com outros escripts abraço

  7. "If you dont think that 3 times a day I dont throw my fucking hands up and say FUCK THIS SHIT!" Haha I believe you Dana. Keep up the hard work and keep pulling off these tremendous matchups and fight cards, you are making history

  8. 28:22 "Is the UFC prepared to make a statement?" As if everyone in the organization is going to agree with the statement, if there ever would be one. An individual can make a statement, and organization making a statement is the stupidest thing in the world because there is no way everyone in an organization would agree with any statement concerning politics, government and policing.

  9. Amazing how none of these ridiculous media had the balls to ask pos Dana White if the UFC has so much money to host events when nobody else is why don't they have more money for fighters?

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