Watch WWE Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair: Raw, June 8, 2020

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The Empress of Tomorrow and The Queen square off one more time, with the specter of Nia Jax looming over the bout. #WWERaw WWE Network | Subscribe …

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This WWE’s video is titled Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair: Raw, June 8, 2020 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:02:51, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!


  1. I can predict backlash
    Asuka Vs Charlotte Flair (Charlotte wins)
    Randy Vs Edge (Edge wins again)
    but to be honest charlotte is making every title match that involes her predictible
    when she doesn't have a title, vince finds a way for her to earn another title like bruh
    Im going to continue watching smackdown because charlotte Is making raw boring and predictible

  2. I know its all kayfabe, but would common sense not indicate that Asuka just LETS tamina get 1 hit on her so she can win by DQ, and THEN attack Nia Jax afterwards?

  3. ALL the other posts on this video echo my sentiments. Charlotte goes OVER and Asuka is booked terribly. I DON'T see Nia Jax beating her for the Championship BUT the inevitable Charlotte Flair versus Asuka for the title is around the corner. Saying Charlotte Flair is overpushed and overprotected is UNFAIR to wrestlers who are JUST ORDINARILY overpushed and overprotected. I USED to think Roman Reigns and John Cena and even Shawn Michaels and HHH before them were overpushed and overprotected. HOW WRONG could I be!

  4. Why doesn't she stop being such a selfish woman. There are so many deserving women that have never won a title. She's just lost her title and she now thinks she deserves another one. Vince mcmahon needs to sort this out before its too late. Where is Liv, bianca, shayna, nattie

  5. Charlotte was made to look good here , anyone else see the spear which was actually a piss poor clothes line which asuka sold really well ? Flair is getting boring and Nia interference in an auska match is also boring , maybe in one match before they face off but every single time , yawn !

  6. Aska,you are now showing American Queen, you're power,and I am not Japanese but astudent of moo gong Do,however,you must become champion,to show the American weakness you must become,white ninja,most powerful, ruler of divas and champion,divas ,through dilligence and centering,America is now looking for Japanese support,failed Chinese relations,America is looks ng for leadership,show them Aska,show them all bonzai!!

  7. I think wwe want people to dislike her and are pushing her cocky queen persona to the limit. She's a good heel and an amazing athlete but I agree she needs a vacay

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