Watch WWE Drew McIntyre drops in on MVP’s “VIP Lounge” with Bobby Lashley: Raw, June 8, 2020

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Sporati on WWE’s video summary and description

MVP attempts to rub salt in the wounds of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre after Bobby Lashley’s attack last week, but McIntyre is prepared and has backup.

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This WWE’s video is titled Drew McIntyre drops in on MVP’s “VIP Lounge” with Bobby Lashley: Raw, June 8, 2020 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:02:35, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. Drew McIntyre will get the value of the fiend. The character you build is so dramatic like a tv series. Its so embarrassing and frustrating? .
    Giving him push or not it doesn't matter but give power to the characters as there gesture as they look like. That make us to believe. Lastly wwe sucks.

  2. Mae ne dost se bet lagayi hae ki mere 1k subscribers hojayenge please kardo saare or mujhe jeeta do

  3. Mvp was a jobber back in the day. Now, though he's still a jobber, but any jobber from the aggression era appears more appealing to me then the so called stars of the current era.

  4. This is what a proper champion should be……bring the best in other guys instead of burying them……he is the best champion since CM Punk

  5. Lashley & his lover mvp were ready to double team on DREW. He sure ain't ready to beat Drew. He better have his bags packed ? cause the only place he's going is CLAYMORE COUNTRY!!!?????

  6. Drew YOU ARE THE BEST… WE LOVE YOU, FROM ATHENS, GREECE… Take care…!!! ?????????

  7. What kind of plan includes getting CLAYMORED a dozen times. Oh yeah, mvp's. ALWAYS been a LOSER ? ALWAYS will be ?

  8. Drew isn’t loosing no time soon wwe and drew wants a pop from the real crowd so he will not be loosing to we get a real crowd

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