Watch WWE Jeff Hardy takes exception with Corbin’s disrespect for The Undertaker: SmackDown, June 26, 2020

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King Corbin delivers his own vile message for the WWE legend, but Jeff Hardy responds with an attack to silence the royal competitor. Catch WWE action on …

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This WWE’s video is titled Jeff Hardy takes exception with Corbin’s disrespect for The Undertaker: SmackDown, June 26, 2020 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:01:51, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. King Corbin is absolutely right, Undertaker has been stealing money from WWE and holding back talent and it's about damn time someone spoke up.

  2. It must have been so hard for Baron to follow this script. He surely didn't want to say any of those things

  3. Undertaker is gonna return at survivor series and get pay back on him out of nowhere lol this is a plot

  4. I wonder if undertaker 2002 was planning to show it to Jeff Hardy? or that undertaker did it on his own? jeff hardy could also give that back

  5. During early days Taker and Jeff Hardy they used to be the biggest rivalry in WWE wrestling but because of business

  6. King Corbin you suck I wanna see undertaker get rid of you king Corbin get suck it

  7. Who wants to bet anything Undertaker will be back for one more match , they all come back for one more match Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and the Rock did , so Taker will to wait till the fans come back to the arenas again .

  8. I get that corben is a heel but he took it to far and Jeff hardy stood up to Corbin out of respect for the undertaker and everything he is to WWE

  9. No Baron corbin take money from this company and Undertaker is Better Than You You Have No Win against undertaker even baron corbin was defeated by everyone so how he can challenge undertaker undertaker streak is 23-2 And Baron corbin streak 5-29 you don't know how to wrestling

  10. I actually wished Kane would appear and attack Corbin and I also wished he appeared during Undertaker's feud with AJ Styles like confront and compete against Styles and appear in the Boneyard Match since he's his brother. I know he's busy being mayor but it would make sense but I gotta admire Jeff Hardy for doing what he did since he had some history with The Deadman.

  11. Thankyou Undertaker you got my Respec ever since you debute into the WWF you're the best and never be another THANKYOU

  12. Taker is probably gonna return for one last match to put Corbin down now that he said he sucks

  13. I don’t understand all these other heels said thank u taker and the only heel that didn’t say it and talk trash about taker is Corbin. Corbin u suck

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