Watch WWE Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, June 8, 2020

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WWE Top 10 takes you back to this week’s Monday Night Raw to revisit the show’s most thrilling, physical and controversial moments. #WWERaw WWE Network …

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This WWE’s video is titled Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, June 8, 2020 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:03:43, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. How the hell is nia jax still not in the developments! She's a dumb and unsafe wrestler.

  2. Charlotte is too overrated. WWE needs to push someone else. Jeez give the other ladies a chance to be the face of the women's division. She just lost one title and won a next less than a week. ?

  3. seth rollins ft monday night messiah and undertaker or dead man both are best wrestler in the world so please like and right on comments

  4. Drew heel > Drew face for me. Still he is awesome tho. In my opinion they should have given Lashley US title because we all know he is gonna lose to Drew Mcintyre.

  5. I was pushing my tooth in the 2nd one Aleister scared me soo much I just pushed my tooth out.

  6. I can’t speak for everyone but I’ll share my thoughts and hope it gets taken constructively.
    1) I DON’T HATE Charlotte Flair. I love her work, her promo work and consistency in the ring..
    2) I think she is a main event we through and through, and that she should not be denied opportunities to be in main event stories.
    3) I want to miss her once in a while! To contrast a little point 2, I need her to be less present. Overexposure has started to cost her and will continue to do so. I got it, she is a hungry wrestler that wants to prove that she is the best but even the best of the best disappear for a while to train or take a break and recuperate. Right now it really does feel more like “we don’t have an idea what to do…. I know, Charlotte Flair…” There are other ways to protect her and one of them can literally be having her take a bit of a break or reduce her provenance in all of WWE. Have her be taken out of the picture whether by storyline injury or a defeat that makes her think twice (in storyline) about her righteousness or via feuding with someone she hates because A) that person cost her a title opportunity, B) decided to get on her bad side by Interfering in her matches or C) any other reason.
    4)Yes, she is in other stories with other superstars that theoretically would elevate them with her. That this is not a Charlotte Flair thing. BUT…. at the same time it is. I would rather have her feud outside of a championship opportunity once in a while to build superstars or have her be off screen for a while for other talent to get over on their own. It’s funny, she can elevate people but if the company sees that they need her to elevate other female wrestlers, it kinda shows how little faith they might have on the other talent.
    5) If other talent get over on their own, without Charlotte, it may, at least in my eyes, mean a lot more when they do face her.
    6) Going back to Asuka. How interesting would it be that she and Charlotte face off a few times and if Charlotte continues to win over her, it is by false pinfalls (Asuka keeps kicking out a split second before the 3-count but the referee keeps missing it). Giving Asuka more anger at the notion that she is not really being better and Charlotte the arrogance that she has Asuka’s número each and every time.

  7. Charlotte should’ve went to NXT and stayed there only… up some new talent, Loose the title to a fan favorite by the end of the year and return at the Royal Rumble……….. instead of ruining the main shows she should’ve benefited the third brand

  8. OK…..i'm really getting sick and tired of these pea brains blaming everything thats wrong with this company on Vince Mcmahon…….what you guys do not understand is that he cant turn water into wine……..THE ROSTER IS ONE OF THE MOST UNTALENTED ROSTERS EVER!…..and now you blame him because your favorite jobber is not a superstar….LOL……the man cant turn a DUD into a DIME FFS!……….This roster just plain SUCKS……they need to change the name to (WWME) World Wrestling Midcard Entertainment because these guys just arent bigtime stars……hell Charlotte Flair is the best thing they got honestly….and thats a real shame.

  9. I miss the empty arenas. These fans remind me of an audience in a local news station at breakfast time.

  10. Edge vs Orton? They're getting older now, thank you two of our childhood heroes/villians from the past decade!!!

  11. Comments all over: Charlotte is pushed more than anyone else..
    Dolph Ziggler: it should have been me!

  12. HEYMAN FIRED???? NOW I will watch only the AEW !!!! VINCE is the ruin of the wwe….THE PARTIMERS WILL RETURN …I've had enough

  13. Embarassing what the WWE has become since I was watching in 98-99. Not in terms of actual wrestling (which is still commendable and perhaps even more athletic than ever) but it's a comic book/anime fantasy wankfest only catering for 10 year olds now. It's like, how many neon colours can you fit into every entrance? No wonder the company gets so much slack these days.

  14. I like the street profit and war raiders/viking raiders storyline but can you at least change there names names back to Hanson and Rowe

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