Watch WWE What Yokozuna meant to The Undertaker: WWE After the Bell, June 18, 2020

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The Undertaker opens up about Yokozuna in a captivating sit-down interview with Corey Graves on WWE After the Bell. WWE Network | Subscribe now: …

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This WWE’s video is titled What Yokozuna meant to The Undertaker: WWE After the Bell, June 18, 2020 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:05:09, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. Man this was an awesome interview!! As a kid you thought these guys hated each other. Then the web comes around & you find out they're tight friends in a diverse crew you'd never think would be together. So cool to find this out. What both men did in the ring was amazing. Yoko was a freakish athlete!! When he 1st hit the WWF I couldn't believe what I was watching. That's why he was world champion for a f*ckng year, & well-deserved. The best big man performer ever ( Bam Bam & Vader finish that group ). That slam he put on Bret…Yoko never hurt anyone but you know Bret felt that landing. It's great to see how funny Taker is as well! Would love to hear more stories from him- he's seen it all a million times over. R.I.P. Rodney. Yoko & Mark- brothers forever

  2. That family has so much talent watching rikishi, yoko taking bumps for as big as they were good lord

  3. whooo hhoooooo…..cow palace….all them samoans were his relatives cause they lived down the street from me lol

  4. One of my best friends from my football days is samoan, hes as funny and loyal as it gets but man when the time comes he flips the switch and hes a monster

  5. on which event was this mentioned banzai drop happened? saw only one on survivor series 93, but was a short one.

  6. I think, it's a damn shame that Giant Gonzalez got a WM match with Taker and Yoko didn't.
    I actually remember a meet with Taker during his American Badass days when I almost got Mark to break character asking about it.
    He just swallowed, got close (with his hand on my shoulder) and said nice and low "Boy, I'd trade Snuka and Hogan for him and me, one more time".

  7. Both Taker & Yokozuna were exceptional and unique talents and I had the pleasure to watch both during their runs in the WWF/WWE. Their CASKET MATCH from the 94 Royal Rumble was memorable.

  8. man that name floored mark, he looked like he was amost gonna break down, but understandable YOKO was a force of nature, I wish his health had been better so he could have done more, even bret said He felt totally safe with YOKO for a man of YOKOs size to have everyone feel safe with you is pretty amazing.

  9. Man im getting uncomfortable just listening to how Yoko sat on Taker, I mean bad enough at the best of times, even worse when your all ready tired from a match.. Sadly until this video I thought Yoko was Japanese lol oooops.

  10. That's dope man, I'm not into wrestling today as much as i was as a kid but I never knew people had so much respect for Yoko. Glad to hear he was fun to work with and was respected, i was a big fan of his when i was little. This was awesome to hear.

  11. Yoko was very underrated, to be that big and be that safe a worker is nothing short of amazing

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