NBA – uses two hands for safety in first scrimmage action! …

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@theycallmetisse uses two hands for safety in @sixers first scrimmage action!

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  1. If only he moved like that for a power dollars discount on a 2020 Dodge Ram at his local dodge dealer

  2. How is this greatness? LeBron James:
    ?Six NBA Finals losses
    ?18-31 record in 49 Finals games
    ?Swept in two NBA Finals series
    ??Let Delonte West smash his mom
    ??Would be 1-8 in NBA Finals without Ray and Kyrie’s shots
    ??Quit on Cleveland in ‘10
    ?Shot under 40% FG in five playoff series
    ?Shot under 40% FG in two Finals series
    ?Outscored by a bench player in ’11 Finals
    ?Averaged 5 TOpg in two playoff series
    ?Can’t win titles without a super team
    ?Only 2 rings in Miami after promising 7
    ?0 rings in first 7 seasons in Cleveland
    ?Only beat one 50 win team between ’04-’10
    ?Lost to a 36 yr old Tim Duncan in ’14
    ?Lost to Magic team with one all star in ’09
    ?Lost to Mavs team with one all star in ’11
    ?Only averaged 17 ppg in ’11 Finals
    ?Only averaged 22 ppg on 35% in ’07 Finals
    ?0-6 in game tying or winning shot attempts in Finals
    ?1 title in 11 seasons in Cleveland
    ? LeBron James 2011 Finals ?:
    ??Outscored by Jason Terry
    ??Scored 8 points in game 4
    ??Scored 0 points in the whole series in crunch time (score within 5, 5 mins left)
    ??Blew a 15 point lead in game 2
    ??Outplayed by DeShawn Stephenson in game 6
    ? LeBron James 2014 Finals ?:
    ??Held to 20% shooting when guarded by Kawhi Leonard
    ??Outplayed playmaking wise by Boris Diaw
    ??Cramped up in game 1, couldn’t handle the pressure
    ??Saved by Wade and Bosh in game 2
    ??Outscored by Kawhi Leonard in game 3
    ??Blown out in 3 straight games
    ??Disappeared after 1st qtr in game 5
    ? LeBron James 2015 Finals ?:
    ?78-196 FG (39.8%)
    ?118 misses (3rd most in Finals History)
    ?3-17 FG (17.6%) in the clutch (final 5 minutes score within 5 points)
    ?0-3 on game winning attempts
    ?0 4th qtr points in game 4
    ??Torched by Steph Curry in 4th qtr game 5
    ??Disappeared in second half game 6
    ??Embarrassed by Kevin Durant in 2 straight Finals series, 8-1
    ? LeBron James ‘20 MVP Case ?:
    ??35 years old, 17th season
    ??Leading Lakers in only assists
    ??35 years old, 17th season
    ??2-3 record vs Clippers and Bucks
    ??35 years old, 17th season
    ??Kobe’s death only affects LeBron
    ??35 years old, 17th season
    ??China controversy
    ??35 years old, 17th season
    ??Boot licked by Kendrick Perkins and Nick Wright
    ??35 years old, 17th season

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