Watch NBA @Jon Batiste Performs National Anthem As Jazz & Pelicans Kneel In Solidarity Ahead Of NBA Restart

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The Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans kneel in solidarity as @Jon Batiste performs the National Anthem prior to the NBA Restart. Subscribe to the NBA: …

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This NBA’s video is titled @Jon Batiste Performs National Anthem As Jazz & Pelicans Kneel In Solidarity Ahead Of NBA Restart and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:02:05, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. All lives matter, all can agree on that. What having BLM on the court , though, says the that America is systematically racist. That is just not true. And the people who says kneeling at the national anthem is a form of respect is full of it. It was originally meant to show that America is racist and the flag is racist. "Stop with this 'Im a victim because I feel oppressed' bullshit." You guys are paid to dunk a ball and that is it.

  2. They always say “not kneeling” is not disrespectful to our memebers and veterans of the military… I dont agree to kneel than anything besides god but thats the 1A and you have that right… but when you completely disrespect the anthem and kneel you are crossing the line

  3. And the people & countries that profit from peoples pain all sit back and smile at how easily they were able to quickly trick people into pledging allegiance to their cause. A cause that is exactly what they claim to fight against . ?

  4. This is one bad ass beat at 0:55 seconds! And down on one knee representing for all lives not just black! Awesome! Rough times we are all going through especially when our current leader can’t bring people together. I’ll pay more taxes and deal with that if that is what it will take for unity!

  5. I know it's a random topic but I don't think NBA players should get paid as much as they do because they become millionaires why teachers barely make 30 K per year yeah say I want to defund the police which something we need but okay with NBA players becoming millionaires for something we don't need

  6. Black Millionaires making money off the sweat of hard working Americans who pay to watch their worthless butts running up and down a taxpayer provided wooden court, to play a kids game. I hope all of the BLM Organization and the Marxist, Nazi George Soros go straight to the lake of fire! I wish we could have their American citizenships removed. You want Marxist and Communist living? Please move to Venezuela and see how they deal with your false piety! A pox on everyone who disrespects the USA! ??

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