Watch NBA @Ne-Yo Performs National Anthem As Celtics & Bucks Kneel In Solidarity

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The Celtics and Bucks kneel in solidarity as @Ne-Yo performs the National Anthem. Subscribe to the NBA: Full Game Highlights …

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This NBA’s video is titled @Ne-Yo Performs National Anthem As Celtics & Bucks Kneel In Solidarity and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:02:14, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Oh the NBA multimillionaire players are mad at the USA because they can't do business with the Chinese Communist Party anymore and they can't make millions of dollars from slave labor by the Uighur Muslim who are forced work at the Nike factory making their shoes and shirts. Did David Dorn's Life mattered? If so, why did BLM killed him? Was the life of Secoria Turner an 8 year old girl's not enough to MATTER? why did BLM killed her too? How about the life of Mekhi James a 3 year old, did his life matter? Why did then BLM killed him ?

  2. Standing for the anthem and the flag is standing up against discrimination and injustice. It is ingrained into our constitution. Racism and discrimination is anti-American. When you pay respects and stand for the national anthem, it is because you believe in the idea that people should be treated equal and should have equal opportunity regardless of race, not the other way around.
    It took so much for this to be our reality, and by paying respects you are recognizing that.

    They SHOULD be using PATRIOTISM to fight racism. They should be telling people how it is un-American to infringe on the rights of others based on their race. Instead, they are taking a different route and it's not giving the right image. It looks like they simply don't understand or dislike America (even though that's not the case).

    I feel like a lot more people would be on board if they stood and preached that it is actually unpatriotic to want people to be treated differently based on their race and preached the message that if you disagree with that you're the one who is against what America stands for.

  3. So ALL NBA players and and their kiss coaches take a knee, not all of the MLB players take a knee and very few NHL players take a knee despite the pressure to do so from their organisations. We have massive division in this country that hasn't been made better by the continuous looting and burning of businesses nationwide. LIke every other multi-racial state throughout history this one too will collapse in violence sooner or later. Very sad indeed!

  4. Well….guess I'm no longer watching basketball too. Thanks for showing me how oppressed millionaires act and showing me I can spend my time doing ANYTHING else.

    Go F yourself NBA.

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