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Take a look back through the every featherweight champion in UFC history as the two most recent champions, Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway, …

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This UFC’s video is titled Every Featherweight Champion in UFC History and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:06:24, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Imagine thinking you're tough as nails with your FEATHERweight championship hahahaha what's the weight limit like 9 stone??

  2. People defending Conor McGregor about not defending.. what makes a person goat is actually staying to a division and showing your good enough to last! It’s clear FW is a hard division

  3. Shows you just how good Aldo & Holloway are. Volky is good but I don't see him as a long reigning champ. Sorry just don't, my personal perspective.

  4. Jose Aldo is the reason why this video is so short.
    Champion for the majority of the featherweights existence in the UFC.

  5. I wanna see KZ fight volkanovski for the title I honestly think he can beat him easily and then I want max to fight him for the title after because he deserves it I think max actually won that last fight and was one of the best FW champs next to aldo and a lot of Korean people actually fail to realize there’s already been 2 Korean UFC champs although it was in the lightweight division BJ Penn (Korean and Hawaiian) and Benson Henderson (Korean and Black) but I think we need a Holloway and KZ title fight

  6. Cormier saying that Max Holloway is the greatest featherweight champion of all time is fucking absurd!! I had to rewind that and hear it again just to make sure I wasn't just imagining shit.

  7. Alexander volkanovsky is the worst featherweight champion which is NOT saying he's bad because there's only been a few and I think Brian Ortega might have a good chance against him if he wins against Chan Sung Jung

  8. I really wish we got to see a full fight between Aldo and McGregor that would've been so interesting stylistic.

  9. Everyone talks about the left Hand Connor knocked out Jose Aldo with, but no one mentions the flying knee big John McCarthy gave him to wake him back up.

  10. Dammit even DC was doing that "Greatest FW champ of all time" shit when announcing Holloway. I expect Rogan to have the memory of a goldfish and declare a new goat every other event but come on. 3 title defenses vs 7 defenses. I don't care if he beat Aldo: Jose is still the GOAT.

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