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Get a behind the scenes look at the making of UFC Fight Island, a 10-mile “safe zone” on Yas Island designed for a series of UFC events. See how athletes are …

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This UFC’s video is titled The Making of UFC Fight Island – Episode 1 and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:15:07, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



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  2. 4:00 dean how is it embarrassing that you caught the COVID-19 ? Your acting like it’s a STD…lmmfao bro it’s a virus just like the common cold so don’t be to hard on yourself…

  3. I do like this series, and what they did – but the quote at the end "Nothing is impossible in Abu Dhabi"…….yeah, if you're fucking LOADED lmao. I don't even think in my life time ill even be able to afford a coach flight there.

  4. Fun fact. Over 85% of the UAE (where Abu Dhabi is) population is foreigners. Some are skilled westerners. Most are cheap foreign labor from India/Pakistan. UAE uses its immense wealth (mostly from oil) to pay these foreigners to build just about anything fast. That’s how they built all their impressive megastructures….and Fight Island. Been to UAE twice. For sure to try visit it. Amazing place!

  5. Pfff amazin.. How ppl are selfish they are so powerful so rich..
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  7. Thanks for putting these on YouTube because ESPN sucks. As a long time paid subscriber and ppv buyer, it blows they can’t figure out how to let people watch UFC when traveling outside USA. Nothing works, VPN, etc…What a Joke.

  8. I've been watching so many UFC videos on YouTube! It motivating, exciting, and truly inspiring to me. The U.F.C. as a whole comes with various stages of interest. Mainly the fights, but don't forget about the walkouts, pre and post fight interviews, press conferences, Dana White looking fwd. To a Fight, embedded series, The Ultimate Fighter, fighters personal YouTube Channels, sparring, teams that they train with, the fact that there are fighters all around the world (not just the U.S.), Their pride for their home country and/or heritage, the storylines behind most fights, P.P.V. Buys, The Schmo, Joe Rogan, Dana White, Bruce Buffer Poppin a blood vessel in his damn throat as he says the words "Reining" and "Defending", the various principles and integration of all/any combat sport(s), and I could probably list several more. You know what I'm getting at. Some closed minded people will only see and understand something for what it is most commonly perceived as. There are many sub-sets to the U.F.C. that bring in more of an audience than other things. I can see why the business is absolutely booming the past 10 years, and even more.

  9. why is everyone still wearing a masks if they are claiming the facility is covid free? doesn’t make any sense to me. after all the million testing been done everyone should be living the normal life. people are getting way over their head. just my personal ipinion.

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