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Get an insider’s look at the feats of engineering and ingenuity that turned Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island into an MMA hotspot that hosted UFC 251. See UFC Fight …

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This UFC’s video is titled The Making of UFC Fight Island – Episode 2 and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:15:02, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. I'm happy they pulled this all off, but this made me think of all the foreign workers who prob were exploited and paid Jack shit for all that hard work and long hours put in ?

  2. Those Abu Dhabi people got all rich from all the high priced oil they sell the US to make gasoline. I don't support my U.S. dollars going to greedy rich oil people who make their money off us hard working people from the USA. USA! USA!

  3. Dana and the whole Abu Dhabi team are amazing. Only this group could put this together. Thank you all for your sacrifice away from your family. As-Salaam-Alaikum

  4. Been to the UAE twice, incl Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Def visit that country…tons to see and do. And also visit neighboring Oman. Amazing countries!

  5. What a treat Fight Island was.

    Viewed it with the homies and absolutely enjoyed it.

    All the weekends, even including that random one during the work week.

    It's the simple things.
    Food, drinks and your inner circle.

    Can't go wrong.

    The UFC collaborated once again with the UAE, Abu Dhabi, Yas Island.

    1st class, 5 star treatment to the fighters and staff.

    It's amazing how quick they can erect such construction in gnarly ass 115 degree weather. EXTREMELY impressive!

    Till Fight Island Part Deux =]

  6. Noura and Saeed,
    Your children speak great English and are a credit to you both.
    Thanks for your sacrifices, in being away from them, to make Fight Island possible.
    While it might have been as much a marketing exercise as a sporting event, you appear to have done phenomenal work.
    An MMA fan broadly and a UFC fan specifically, I was pleased to be able to watch something with a new flavour and still see the fighters I appreciate.
    Fight Island was almost extreme, in execution and success, but it certainly is aspirational.
    I'm sure it was easier to get to Abu Dhabi, and that the destination was more accommodating, than several places in North America.
    I'm hoping that anyone who thought the country was less than you showed it to be will now fully realise its potential.
    If your goal was to bring visitors from abroad, when it is possible to come, then mission accomplished.
    Thank you, both!

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