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We go through some of our favorite moments of past International Fight Weeks from Forrest Griffin’s final fight to the fastest knockout in UFC history from Jorge …

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This UFC’s video is titled Top Fights and Moments from International Fight Weeks and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:15:19, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. 13,45 dud you should bring UFC in Iran and let Ali Akbari fight and you will see hundred thousand people come to arena to watch his match. And even miljoens will follow it on TV. Then you will see even with this dictatorship and corrupt regiem in Iran still Iranian proud of their fight sports!!

  2. I have never been a fan of Conor McCriminal. When he money runs out he won't be able to afford the big-time lawyers that keep him out of prison.

  3. Joe is ctfu having the time of his life thinking " did jaime write this shit for the ufc?" Yo dead ass i wont be surprised if jamie wrote that dc lesnar moment.

  4. Ortiz and Griffen fight was the #2 most voted unfair decision In ufc history 87% of fans on the sherpdog site and the ufc comments voted that Tito had won, all 3 of those judges should have been fired

  5. 6:36 I love arrogant trash talker getting destroyed . So much joy clown get his ass knocked. But still he's one of the best. His character are good but attitude is everything.

  6. Such an Iconic moment when Lawler is gettin his hand raised and yells along with the announcer "STILL! STILL!" with his lip is split in half and his face all smashed up. You can just tell a war just went down.

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