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Champ Alexander Volkanovski adjusts his training schedule to the time zone. Jessica Andrade, Rose Namajunas, and Max Holloway change up their camps for …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 251 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2 and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:09:56, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. wow I didn't realise so many UFC fans are Trump supporters, they are liking the disgusting Masvidal's mask a lot.

  2. The testers to Jorge when getting their pic taken, "So… You want Usman to have Covid? I know a guy."

  3. Rose is going to fuck up JA lol she was destroying her last fight and made one mistake and got dumped on her head….rose is no joke she's a true mixed martial artist that is good at everything…JA has her power from her roids and that's it…for her to win she has to catch someone or slam someone's head off the ground …if you watch their last fight rose was literally picking her apart and putting on a show….she's one of the few females that I actually like to watch fight I could watch all her fights many times and never get bored of them…she will take the belt back she will win this one and next will be a title fight and she will pick the champ apart too

  4. Masvidal all the way but if he gets knocked out it’s cause of that trump mask he’s wearing ?

  5. Why is Trevor not rose’s main coach for this? I know he is technically training Kamaru for this but I know that if rose wanted him in her corner he would take priority over her rather than usman a guy who came to his camp only because he was supposed to be fighting Gilbert and didn’t want to train in the same gym as him. Seems strange to me.

  6. I get weird looks in bumpkin ass Texas when I wear my mask on a supply run. Fuckin Abu Dhabi they wearing hazmat suits.

  7. UFC needs a champion like Masvidal. He’s a walking promotion for the sport and his credibility and skill are untouchable.

  8. "point score" *low kick LOL cracking up man. This card is so stacked with great fighters! Gonna be fun to watch!

  9. The beard makes Jorge look absolute ridiculous and should be forbidden, especially in the ring(octagon)!

  10. UFC needs a champion like Masvidal. He’s a walking promotion for the sport and his credibility and skill are untouchable.

  11. Is the suit necessary for a disease that kills like .0099 percent of people. If you work out once a year you're not gonna die lol super necessary

  12. So interesting, all the protocols seem well put together. Historic, having to go through this during a pandemic. Hope they can keep their focus on the fights. Never heard of Ah Bu Dabi, but it seems nice. I was expecting what Americans are shown on TV, just shady hotels and food… Makes me want to check it out someday.

  13. Volkanovski actually trained to win off those ineffective leg kicks and Masvidal actually tried to be a loser like Corny Covington.

  14. Imagine thinking losing to the savage of a woman, that is Weili Jang being the biggest loss of your career… The biggest loss can be from some sub-par amateur MMA fighter.

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