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Max Holloway uses the Abu Dhabi air to cut weight; Alexander Volkanovski sticks to a sauna. Kamaru Usman talks about facing Jorge Masvidal. After official …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 251 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6 and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:09:23, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. KAMARU YOU ARE NOT A FIGHTER YOU ARE A "HUGER" you don't fight like a man, you don't earn respect like JORGE MASVIDAL. You are the same as khabib

  2. masvidal toxic fans are hiding right now…they really think usman is an easy fight…but they argue when you called them CASUAL…after this, there will be more excuses coming…lmao

  3. This fucking fight is so hyped up end up being fucking the most boring on the card. Gilbert burns was right this is super boring lol. Burns remain negative next time please ??

  4. Can you imagine how quick UFC would go under if every fighter was like usman ?.. ? He's a good fighter but arguably the most boringest champ in UFC history.. Yeah he gets the job done but people want excitement. If Dana is smart he'll never let usman headline

  5. Masvidal said to his opponent and I quote : "I'm goner have fun with you're ass tommorrow", End quote . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?????

  6. Wow ? nice speech boss you are the man
    From 2:242:45 he said it all and it’s all true
    It’s better beats their ass all the way down until they would never get it back !!! That’s my philosophy

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  8. Usman is talented because him just talking about putting ppl to sleep almost put me to sleep.

  9. Sorry but plugging a US appliance into a UAE socket ????? 120 v – 220 v ..would have been cheaper and safer to just check the weather before you flew bro ?

  10. wearing a mask is a satanic ritual and virtue signaling…does NOTHING to prevent viruses, are you brain dead ufc? knock this shit off….i will NOT watch ufc or any organization that wears masks to conform to societal "norms" its anything BUT normal

  11. Watching Usman do interviews just seems like everything he says is rehearsed to the point he doesnt have a personality

  12. Can you imagine seeing a fighter not worrying about cutting so much weight. There walk around weight is there fight weight. That would be crazy. Cutting all that weight before a fight just makes you weak for the fight and drained of energy

  13. 2:48 Reporter: “thank you Kamaru, that is all the time we have for you sir”. No respect for the man from all angles lol

  14. Do the trash talk, hate all you want n watch us systematically break you down b4 taking away your equity.

  15. "I like to beat them over five rounds I enjoy it more" no mate it's because you cant finish anyone in the first round

  16. Anybody know what brand of gloves Max is using for the mitts? Looks like they’re for kickboxing or something

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