Watch NBA ? Best PLAYS From The Magic & Trail Blazers Game 1 Victories!

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the BEST PLAYS from the Magic & Trail Blazers Game 1 victories! This is the first time both No. 8 seeds have defeated the No. 1 seeds in Game 1 of their …

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This NBA’s video is titled ? Best PLAYS From The Magic & Trail Blazers Game 1 Victories! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:28, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Don’t think the Magic will outlast the Bucks, it was nice to see them win a game though. Blazers are one of the more dangerous 8 seeds I can remember. I think they’ll push the Lakers as far as they can even if they don’t win the series.

  2. LeChina james is about to get his legacy ruined and i loveee ittt. I been saying for 10 years hes the most overrated player in sports history. Cant shoot 3s cant shoot jump shots cant make free throws. All he can do is rebound pass lay up or dunk thats it!

  3. They ever gonna get rid of Black Lives Matter Org. Crap everywhere? They giving them money too? Who run BLM? How many employees? Not a real company, where does that money go? Look at the website for them.

  4. Nice ratings. I guess having multi millionaires blame people with way less money for their invisible oppression didn't work lmao. It's like oprah complaining about white privilege. I'll trade mine for hers.

  5. 0:50 i'm so respect for the yellow man that write "black lives matter". whatever our skin color is not important. the important thing is we are together and peaceful. I come from Indonesia. Peace ? ? ?

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