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Melo’s still got it Watch Carmelo Anthony’s best buckets from the 2020 NBA Restart! Subscribe to the NBA: Full Game Highlights …

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This NBA’s video is titled Best Of Carmelo Anthony | NBA Restart and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:07:28, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. ? Signed a one-year, non-guaranteed deal
    ? Started every game he played in
    ? Won Western Conference Player of the Week
    ? Moved to 15th on the NBA's all-time scoring list
    ? Helped lead the Portland Trail Blazers to the playoffs

    In year 17, Carmelo Anthony proved he still belongs ?

  2. I like lebron's giveaway act for melo at 7:08. I mean he still could use his patented blocking right there but he knows it's melo rejuvenating his career once again. He has much respect with his peers though he gave that game-tying dime to melo because basketball is truly beyond just a game indeed ???

  3. he was great this season but bit struggling during the playoff. the blazers would be thinking positively about re-signing. his role needs to be adjusted for a team.

  4. Why does TNT audio sound like that? When melo hit that three against the Lakers you can hear the "crowd" start to explode with cheers then it's like whoever is in charge of tnts audio cuts it off a second after they've been doing that for years

  5. I feel bad for players like melo, imagine him in his prime in THIS ERA, with loose defense, more 3 point shooting and more free throws.
    Players like him, tmac, vince carter etc, would average 35+ easily.

  6. WELL !! I was very wrong with melo honestly ?. He does have the desire of winning & the spirit of a champ seriously ?. I guess he needed some good teammate ?. BUT here in NY he wasn't gonna get anywhere cause no backup honestly ?


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    Proof! hyper realistic masks that celebrities wear. playing different roles!

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