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Buzzer-beaters, triple-doubles, historic performances! Luka Doncic didn’t disappoint in his #NBAPlayoffs debut! Take a look at some of his best plays from the …

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This NBA’s video is titled Best Of Luka Doncic | 1st Round NBA Playoffs and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:10:30, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Might be the greatest to ever play (That I’ve seen)I never got to watch MJ play and so seeing this kid play it’s almost as if you understand what people meant when they say they saw greats like MJ. Numbers and stats do not count when a conversation like this takes place – because it’s not a matter of sheer numbers and calculations. But it’s a feeling within us all when we watch him play – “Yea, he’s got it”. Numbers aren’t the primary reason I love to watch him play, I watch him play because man he knows how to play the game beautifully – plain and simple. Stats and numbers in these circumstances are irrelevant – it’s a funny feeling inside me that can’t be described nor questioned. He a talent for sure and I am glad I am witnessing greatness.

    Don’t @ me.

  2. let's Turn the tables on luka , what if LUKA called a black player BOY in game 1 , THEN stepped on his ancle then hit that same black man in the head!! the nba would protest the white player , double standard black community?

  3. I am done with the NBA I will never watch again they support the ccp and the terrorist organization called the the democratic party that is burning down black communities engaging in voter intimidation and jim crow laws again.they support pedophilia by the bills they were trying to get passed. They want to continue to keep the black man out of the family structure.they are racist bigoted criminals period.

  4. I think the Mavs #1 priority should be getting someone a little more reliable than Kristaps. They would be a real title contender with the right person to complement Luka.

  5. The Mavericks only lost to la because dirty tricks and racist comments owe and no consequence to them because it doesn’t fit the narrative. As well they tried to brake his ankle did u forget when Morris stepped on his ankle. HES STILL THE FUTURE OF THE SPORT THE FUTURE ? GOAT FROM LITHUANIA. LITHUANIA ?? GOD BLESS LUKA DONCIC!!!! FOR HIS HUMANITY!!!

  6. Man this kid is a beast. His game reminds me of Paul Pierce at his prime but this kid can create and separate against defenders better and can pull off a quick shot wc seems so effortless for him even at 30+ feet or even after some quick barrage of crossovers. Not only that he can bully ball guys like Markief Morris from inside.He seems to easily see gaps on defenses and knows where he can be able to put off a shot as proved by his ability to use euro/side steps once defenders collapses on him. Aside from these hes got MAMBA mentality written all over him, the dude doesn't want loosing and seems ready to play UFC out there on the court just to win. He tried to will his team for the win but unfortunately the Clippers are too strong. Great debut from Luka and a Great series as well. Looking forward for the LA showdown if it does happen.

  7. How many times did he finish left???? Play his right hip and hell shut himself down. Smh Simple. You don't have to be smart to be in the NBA and this is why a slow unathletic player is beating the most athletic defenders, IQ.

  8. Reminder of the league's future:

    1. Luka Doncic
    2. Giannis Antetokounmpo
    3. Jayson Tatum
    4. Donovan Mitchell
    5. Pascal Siakam
    6. Ben Simmons
    7. Nikola Jokic
    8. Jamal Murray
    9. Devin Booker
    10. Kristaps Porzingis
    11. Trae Young
    12. Ja Morant
    13. Jaylen Brown
    14. Joel Embiid
    15. Brandon Ingram
    16. Karl Anthony Towns
    17. Anthony Davis
    18. Zion Williamson
    19. Jonathan Issac
    20. Bam Adebayo
    21. Domantas Sabonis
    22. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
    23. De'Aaron Fox
    24. Marvin Bagley
    25. DeAndre Ayton
    and many many more!

  9. If you notice, everytime Doncic drives and scores, he leaves everybody with their hands open like, WTF just happened?!……..Oh and they look at each other, like, "who's responsible for this?!" ……Not me!……not me either!!

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