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Luka Doncic put on show in Orlando Watch the Mavericks’ Magic Man’s best plays from the NBA Restart and his first #NBAPlayoffs appearance! Subscribe to …

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This NBA’s video is titled Best Of Luka Doncic | NBA Restart and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:11:13, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. ???By every way From divinity all the prosperity? &wealth abundance? in everyday life to all who are reading this wish???????????????thanks to universe for my better life today?

  2. Solo le falta madurez como persona y como jugador para poder enfrentar cualquier reto que se le presente, será uno de los mejores 10 jugadores de la historia si no sufre alguna lesión.

  3. very sad to see that the nba gives a white player such a platform during times were blacks are oppressed by whites like never before. just listen to lebron james, doc rivers, kenny smith, robert horry, jamal murray, jaylen brown, matt barnes and many others #BLACKLIVESMATTER

  4. Nba and black players can't stand that this white kid is kicking their bu tts… Morris fauls against him were clearly racially motivated, we all know that., but these Nba hypocrites won't say anything…

  5. With all the things he's showing on the court, i just hope he does'nt end the same way rose did.

    On the other hand i think he can do it because his playstyle is different from rose, he plays smart and does not take risks that much unlike rose.. i think his body can handle risky moves though..

    Just an opinion.

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