Watch NBA Jazz at Nuggets DUEL In 2OT THRILLER!

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Check out the dramatic 2OT THRILLER between the Jazz & Nuggets! #WholeNewGame Subscribe to the NBA: Full Game …

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This NBA’s video is titled Jazz at Nuggets DUEL In 2OT THRILLER! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:41, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Jokic with like 16 points in overtime? Most clutch player in the NBA easily. (And his coach doesn't draw a play for him at the end of regulation)

  2. The call on Murray, when Murray and Mitchel were on the ball in the 4th led to this. That was a clean catch by Murray. Anyways, it was a great 'play off' game but refs sucked.

    Stay safe. Cheers from Serbia!

  3. I was a fool to leave when the nuggets went up by 6 in the 4th but luckily came back to it in the 2nd ot

  4. That's how you know they respect jokic, they don't smother him while he's in the paint because he has eyes in the back of his head and will make that sick pass to the open man.

  5. Unsubscribed. What kind of idiots give away the result in their thumbnail. Complete lack of understanding of their fan base.

  6. Man this is like playoff basketball right there ????? donovan not quitting with all those clutch shots down the stretch but sadly it wasnt enough

  7. Bro the legit didn't start the clock for a good 2 seconds after the Jazz inbounded for the last play in regulation

  8. Joker out there looking like Hakeem those triple threat moves were the best I've seen from a pf/c in a long time

  9. I feel like Murray missed that on purpose bc the Jazz had to run up the court instead of passing it out of bounds. If Murray didn’t miss the last one the jazz could have had a chance

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