Watch NBA Luka Tallies #NBAPlayoffs Debut Record With 42 PTS!

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Luka Doncic tallies an #NBAPlayoffs record for a debut with 42 PTS to go along with 7 REB & 9 AST for the Mavericks. #WholeNewGame Subscribe to the NBA: …

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This NBA’s video is titled Luka Tallies #NBAPlayoffs Debut Record With 42 PTS! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:04:43, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Just like this i wish …Anthony davis plays at the team where he can play like A.D……

  2. what happens in the NBA with the foul whistle ?? you can't watch it. The decisions are tragic. Lots of mistakes and the game is soft, the referees spoil everything. Matches must now have over 450 points because you cannot defend and you cannot show any sporting anger for any contact that is a foul. The worst, however, are the judging shortcomings. In Europe it looks much better, when the match is tight, you can play because the teams are fighting and here is a break and breaking the rhythm. What is the NBA about ?? Why are you doing this ?? The result of this match could be completely different. A beautiful block of Porzi??is, after which the judges began their show of strength.


  4. Too much missed call especially first tech on KP man! That was clearly a clean block. Why NBA invest the Replay Center and still so blind.

  5. This was very good game until Marcus Morris try to get Luka Doncic a technical foul to win the game the same as the referees

  6. I like how Luka doesn't care about this accolade more than he cares that they lost, he flat out said it was terrible and that he had way too many TO. He didn't have a terrible game and although 11TO is a lot, considering they were throwing at him PG, Kawhi and Beverly, that isn't too bad for a 21 years old making his debut. I thought Luka would put some numbers but not be efficient with it like it happened in some games against the Clippers, but he actually had a pretty efficient game. But I like the fact that he holds himself accountable instead of the typical passive-aggressive attitude some of today's game stars act on after they lose.

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  8. The refs destroyed luka historic game for nothing the mavs should be in the lead im a clippers fun and i feel this is robbing and unfair reason to this clippers win! and the mavericks loss!

  9. I hope to goodness this dude doesn't get a serious injury. Cuz it's gonna be amazing to see what this kid does in the future

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  11. The whole world nods in unison on the rubbish ejection by the REF. It is an atrocious and unbelievable call that just warranted a telling off, this is just a straight-up game rigging call.

  12. MKG is gonna become the player we thought he was in Dallas..You can see they love him there..His confidence is up

  13. Just look at the last 2 plays, soooooo easy to drive and shoot because there is no fucking defense! Even the commentator said, it s a good offense but poor defense. I wouldnt call that good offense when nobody guards you. Look at that guy not even jumping to block Doncic! What kinda fucking defense is that? And also that other guy defending Luka is like just for show, he does a really shitty job at it because he has no idea how to defend. Defense is not a part of the NBA no more. I saw no blocks, no post up. And how can you score 114 points a game, that is just ridiculous to watch. That would have happened before only in an all star game, lol. They killed the league. It wasnt even the end of 2nd quarter and already they had more than 10 3pointers. Because there is no hard defensive skills anymore. No contact, no check, no nothing. I'm not saying this kid is not good but in a more defensive league like the 90's or 2000's he wouldnt score easy buckets like that. Him or Harden. And the commentators are sooooo bloating up his skills, "look at the drive, the force, the vision", hahahaha, motherfucker this is a joke, this is nothing compared to otger players from the past. If he has vision then Jason Kidd or Jason Williams were really blind. The NBA is fast and steadily becoming a joke.

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