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NUGGETS at JAZZ | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | August 30, 2020 The Denver Nuggets defeated the Utah Jazz, 119-107, to even the best-of-seven series, 3-3.

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This NBA’s video is titled NUGGETS at JAZZ | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | August 30, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:47, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Dang I was low-key beefin like why does it look like. The Utah jazz have no real fight in them and there about to be eliminated but it's the other way around so I see now smh even tho they still Should of been playing harder ? then they were like now u know jamal murray is probably not going to miss a uncontested shot three or floater of whatever it is smh if it's not contested it's automatic so hopefully they get up on these lil floaters/fade aways he was killing them on and utah needs to do whatever denver is doing to Mitchell as far as not letting him get those little floater like that's Mitchells game right there and for some reason the jazz found a way to shut his down but the jazz can't find a way to shut jamal's down ????? I just hope they really don't lose three games in a row to go out like that smh I'm pissed rn and this ain't even my team ?? Im a okc fan and the rockets are trash for letting my team get the series into a game 7 ??? rockets are tooo trash and it's hilarious because I hated russ as a OKC FAN when that's like the craziest thing u can say if u fw OKC . Like ppl didn't even get OKC LIKE THEY FW RUSS AND THEREFORE THEY FUCKED WITH OKC TO AN EXTENT … BUT ME I HATED WESTBROOKS GUTZ LIKE OMM I WANTED TO TRADE THAT NIGHA SO BAD MY HOMIES WOULD START CRACKING UP WHEN WE WOULD WATCH THE GAMES AND WESTBROOK DO SOMETHING STUPID LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES SMH LOL BUT I WOULD BE LIKE "yup see this is why were trading you for dragic next season I already had a sit down with the gM and everything but like would be dead ass like I he was in my living room and I had actually talked to the gm or something ?? so it was just hilarious when he would fuck up and I'd say some one random who's replacing him next season like eddie house ? ?? someone who ain't even in the league anymore if rather have over his ass and once again russ fucked up for the rockets and was running to fast and turned it over ??? so I'm so glad he's not doing that on our team anymore and it's actually hella funny cause I said we're trading you for Chris Paul like years ago before it actually happen ? and now that it did and u see the difference in who's Actually great and who's just hella athletic ? like I'd take Chris paul and Eddie house over Russel all day omm #goseahawks #thundertothesuperbowl? #eddiehouse>russ

  2. I don’t think the Jazz are ready for this. Jokic at the top of the arc. He repeatedly made 3s from that spot. He practiced it. The defense should trap for a behind the back pass from Jamal to Jokic. If I were game planning for the Nuggets, I go for repetitive behaviors!

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