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EA SPORTS UFC Virtual Fight Card LIVE takes some of the biggest celebrities, UFC fighters and other athletes and puts them into the virtual Octagon. Punches …

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This UFC’s video is titled EA SPORTS UFC Virtual Fight Card LIVE and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 01:45:22, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. I’m not a gamer but enjoy the video. It was pretty awesome actually but I wonder why DC didn’t give Jones his 5 star metal. Lol

  2. Was cool event but next time turn off notifications jeez lol first time event so it should be different next time and have joe Rogan and Dominic do the commentary!!

  3. An hour long commercial, under the guise of entertainers promoting a product.

    White Whale Fishing. I can hear the board meeting now. "Somebody's gonna buy it, trust me, they love the UFC." So they want to turn the casual ufc fan into a casual gamer to buy the game for casual ufc fans.

    Casual = Non repeat purchaser. Casual ppv buyers, casual event watchers, casual gamers, all equal up to "how can we make them pay for stuff without spending tons of money?"

    The only casual I see, are the casualties of war between transnational corporations. The people, and the product.

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