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In this episode John Gooden and Dan Hardy preview the UFC 252 rubber match main event as heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier clash …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 252: Inside the Octagon – Miocic vs Cormier 3 and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:22:56, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Why is Dan Harry's teeth so bruk up!?
    Stipe wins by belly kick,
    D.C cries then retires!
    Stipe calls out Jon Jones…
    Stipe wins by k.o (first to k.o Jones)
    Stipe is the goat and retires
    Btw…. does anyone understand why Stipe says when he talks?
    Mumble heavy weight king!

  2. Dana did his best to beat DC because it would be his last fight. Small cage, everything fits DC. This fight is decided in advance, DC surely wins! Dana turned around a little honestly, this is a big deal and you’re sold out. Because of all that has been written, Dana decides who will win in each fight. Dana, did you sell yourself because of work because it is no longer a sport when you know in advance who will win !? Dana respects big money and neglects sport! I don't respect you anymore, shame on you freak!

  3. i think the worst part was that dc said after the fight that he "didnt realy feel those first punches to the body" thats what bodypunches are, you dont feel them instantly but you never realy recover(during a fight).

  4. With Goddard as the ref we can expect him to warn DC about 17 times for eye poking etc… if Stipe can still see and actually fights like he’s fought against every other heavyweight he’s faced he should win. Lol for real though, Stipe should be able to use his footwork and striking to wear out DC and honestly I think he can sneak in some wrestling on DC and not just assume he’s going to lose in that regard. DC just needs to do what he does, be awkward and get in close and then try and catch stipe with those T. rex hooks. I actually don’t think the wrestling is DC route to victory, I think stipe good enough to wrestle with him, and then that’ll tire DC out.

  5. Oh no! The Pacifico Pandemic, Dos Equis virus, the modelo influenza, the bug of corona has gotten Inside The Octagon too! Besides that. I think with good take down defense and landing those body shots Stipe wins again!

  6. Jesus Christ all these eye pokes are infuriating. If it happens more than once I wouldn't fault Stipe for just ending the fight there and taking the dub. Spoil DC's legacy fight and keep the belt. Fuck that shit.

  7. Cormier now weighing 400 lbs vs his weight vs Jon Jones when in shape and young at 210 – says it all – terrible overrated fight this on

  8. No longer a Hardy fan after his disrespect of Herb Dean. Made it about
    himself instead of the fight. I'm noticing a trend among announcers and
    analyst doing that lately. Also, NO MENTION OF FIGHT-CHANGING EYE

  9. What is dan hardy trying to say? Look at his shirt FULL REPTILE with a illuminati and a reptilian eye? If u believe or dont believe they do walk among us..

  10. The bias towards dc is insane…
    3rd highest striking accuracy in hw history… He's fought twice
    Least amount of bottom time… He fought twice ? ufc stats are the worst

  11. Dan Hardy is excellent at fight analysis – very clear and informative / points out things the average fan would miss – inside stuff that non fighters would miss + technical shit ya know ? well done Dan !

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