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Watch the UFC 252: Press Conference featuring Dana White along with main event fighters Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic prior to their much-anticipated PPV …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 252: Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:45:51, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. i saw eye pokes in the first one. saw eye pokes in the second one.
    I swear if the Ref doesn't address it on the third meet, I will call UFC rigged smfh.

  2. Wnen you win this DC , please take out john jones and settle that score, jones needs to get sent off with class

  3. I like Stipe and DC, both of them are great champs in and out of the ring. I hope both of them remain healthy and nothing serious transpires after the fight is over. Can't wait to see this fight. I'm looking forward to Loma vs Lopez fight too

  4. Hate to say it and no disrespect but Fatboy is gonna retire as champ which holds the division up like it or not.

  5. Daniel.. " I pick thing up from lots of fighters such as stipe, and jones"
    Stripe.. "ohhh that's where the eye pokes come from" ??

  6. IDEMO HRVATSKA – nas covjek STIPE MIOCIC, JE PRVAK SVIJETA I OSTATI CE. Let's go Croatia – our man STIPE MIOCIC, IS THE WORLD CHAMPION AND HE WILL STAY. Just to translate myself, and to tell u Stipe, all CROATIA, and all Balkan and all your american fans, and all your fans in the whole world are proud on u, man u are the best! WHAT EVER THEY – Cormier and all this propaganda – WANT 2 HAPPEN, OR EVEN IF IT HAPPENS IN SOME CRAZY WAY – something about all that just not smell wright so u have 2 know if they make u 2 lose after so many wins and they want to say that he is the best ever, it is just so fake – joke, he can not be the best one in high category with 1 win and one so forced, so do not let them to happen – that the forced – second one, u are the NUMBER ONE – cool and not ego trip man, real fighter – U ARE THE WORLD CHAMPION, and it is it.

  7. Cormier needs to keep those hands up and not just take punches he was winning the last fight then he got tired

  8. Like DC, but after third fight it was obvious DC got lucky that first time. Better fighter STIPE. Now he needs to fight Jones to end his thought of being a greatest ever or succumb to him and those that support the skinny criminal. Love Francis N. so would love to see him get another chance, but he doesn't owe that to him necessarily. JBJ though needs to happen.

  9. DC doesn't have the skill and he will see that DC just needs to find another skill, ufc is not it and we all know that, even him, DC just needed one more pay day,

  10. hahahahahahah bye bye cormier fit beats fat all the time hahahahah stipe does his talking in the ring , with a karmic poke cormier loses his trilogy, all he has to do is go and loose to jones and loose another trilogy….and if he comes back….let him fight ngannou hahahahah

  11. Oh stipe from ohio, thats why he sounds like a tweeker from washington instead of some german foreigner and he must be in the klan!

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