Watch UFC UFC 252: Stipe Miocic Interview after defending Heavyweight Title

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Hear Stipe Miocic’s post-fight comments winning the trilogy fight against Daniel Cormier and defending the UFC heavyweight title at UFC 252 on Saturday …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 252: Stipe Miocic Interview after defending Heavyweight Title and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:02:49, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. All respect to the Savages the training this brutal sport but in my honest opinion I hear a lot of these MMA guys talk about doing the sport to take care of their families that's not really honorable when a lot of people work to take care of their families Yeah Yeah Yeahs compare the sport work to stay in shape to a real job 95 no not the same but if you did the sport first a charity like Mike Tyson is doing it now now that's honorable because it's average sport of beating each other brutally and using that as entertainment for people and we're into chapters it's you know is what it is been around since the Gladiators caveman shitt not really the brightest when you use your mind and think about the good going on what the positive love and nothing is actions in love unless it's through God is this what God wants us to be doing to be taken care of our families I think not I think giving loving sharing caring all the good things a trade a scale a craft something you do and bring forth to give and share or have gardening growing making helping you know real stuff in respect to those MMA guys that do this behind scenes not for brag

  2. This guy is cool I like him. He is not only a good fighter but also avoids unnecessary flummery that other fighters adopt. He is a man in the real sense, less talk more actions.

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