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UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis always speaks his mind in his post fight interviews, and this one was no different after he knocked out Aleksei Oleinik in the …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC Vegas 6: Derrick Lewis Interview after KO win and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:02:41, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. I still don’t understand why they sensor the UFC. If you’re allowing your kids to watch grown men beat each other unconscious but draw the line at profanity, you need to re-evaluate your parental abilities.

  2. Derrick Lewis & Tony Ferguson are both original in the way they talk & their style man. It’s cool to see fighter’s who are really entertaining, make funny jokes often, & can back up what they say very well inside the octagon w/ their fight skill’s too.

  3. I like this guy a lot but it must be nice to get unlimited shots to the back of the head for a victory. Herb has really lost his shit. He has always been just ok which was sadly the best anyone has to offer. These athletic commissions need to get their act together and start firing these fools. I mean it's not like it could be worse at this point. They really need to start rotating in fresh refs and keep the ones that perform and fire the ones that suck. I really feel bad for these fighters. I mean think about how much of a distraction it is when you find out you drew the short straw for your match. It's like, "Great I got this ref who may stop the fight too early, late, not stand us up, not keep the action going, won't stop blows to the back of the head, won't take points for grabbing the fence and stopping my takedown, won't call the fight on a walkoff KO at the end of a round"….the list is endless and there's real danger they're facing. Herb almost jumped in and stopped the fight after like one shot when they were on the ground. Sad

  4. I like UFC, too. If you saw Gracie do his thing, it changed martial arts, from UFC 1. But. I think people are missing the point, nowadays, thinking that arts like karate and tae kwon do are a waste of time. If you were a kid, in the 70's, and you wanted to learn martial arts, what was cool was watching karate black belts break ice blocks and lie on a bed of nails. Black belts taking huge hits, with their breathing power. You know? The better you get at martial arts, the more difficult it is to be lured into an actual fight. So. I just saw this family of qi gong masters, on Amazon Prime, and the 15 year old girl can lie down with the weight of 2000 kilos on top of her. The oldest teenage son could handle a sharp spear to his neck, while his father put a stack of bricks on his neck, and then bashed them with a hammer. This family spends their days coming up with new outrageous stunts, and although an average parent might be like – well, how do you punish a kid if he can break a 200 pound marble slab with his head, it's this valuable world that has faded since MMA took over, and it's too bad. People, who have all the warrior potential, but never fight, are still doing really amazing things, though.

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