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Mariya Agapova, Takashi Sato and Joe Salecki are three of the fighters we think you need to be more familiar with heading into UFC Vegas 7 this weekend.

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC Vegas 7: Fighters You Should Know and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:05:31, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. The Khazak girl needs a striking coach to teach her how to not telegraph and windmill. Jesus. Like a fucking cartoon.

  2. At the 3:25 mark, MARIYA AGAPOVA showing her all around skill-set. MARIYA was so financially broke that AMANDA NUNES had to buy her food for her fridge and MARIYA got health supplements from fellow ATT teammates and staff. MARIYA'S instagram had a plea for a UFC fight or she was going to have to give up on her MMA career in the USA and return home. She later got and won this fight against HANNAH CIFERS and got a UFC $50,000 performance bonus for it. HANNAH CIFERS fighting at 125 pounds when her real niche should be 105 pounds.

  3. This is a Man's World" i say that shit with my chest. But shorty got a mean left… in Agapova we trust…….

  4. People still watch UFC? I thought this freak show died in a fire years ago. Ratings and POV buys must be crap by now anyway

  5. Solecki's opponent, Austin Hubbard, is really cool as well. Jack Slack just did a breakdown of his striking.

  6. KHABIB? Is there a KHABIB in the house?
    KHABIB? You hear HIM through
    me Today?
    ANSWER me simply please,
    Yes or No?

    Speak dog: SPEAK.


    Let me hear it………..


  7. “Fighter you should know: chick making ufc debut who was then submitted by unranked opponent”

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