Watch WWE FULL MATCH: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. Undertaker – WWE Title Match: SummerSlam 1998

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The WWE Championship is on the line at Madison Square Garden as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin defends the gold against Undertaker in the main event of …

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This WWE’s video is titled FULL MATCH: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. Undertaker – WWE Title Match: SummerSlam 1998 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:23:06, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. The golden age of wrestling. When I literally couldn’t miss an episode. Nowadays, I can’t make myself watch it. Wrestling of today is literally disgraceful in comparison.

  2. That Stunner was as smooth and graceful as it was devastating.
    I miss the days when finishers were only hit once. It made it more surprising when there were kicked out of.

  3. Austin’s run as the top guy was great for the few years it lasted. But Undertaker being a part of almost every single era and mixing it up with the best and constantly evolving his gimmick, appearance, moveset, etc. is probably the most impressive thing in wrestling history. Every era has its own version of the Undertaker with separate rivalries, classic matches, everything. We will likely never see that again. Not only has he earned GOAT status – it’s a good example for the profession to have him as the GOAT.

  4. I never understood the finish: a babyface delivers a low-blow and then the heel endorses the victory. Seems oddly fitted.

  5. That's when taker was a beast of a man. He's recently got back Into the best shape of his life and he retired

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