Watch WWE Is The Hurt Business expanding?: Raw Talk, Aug. 31, 2020 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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In the aftermath of Bobby Lashley’s United States Title victory, The All Mighty, MVP & Shelton Benjamin talk expansion across brands. WWE Network | Subscribe …

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This WWE’s video is titled Is The Hurt Business expanding?: Raw Talk, Aug. 31, 2020 (WWE Network Exclusive) and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:00:55, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. MVP is gold on the mic plus it's good to see he has put himself, Benjamin and Lashley in a good position.

    The beating they gave Cedric ealrier was probably his initiation into The Hurt Business. It's coming…

  2. See WWE? This is what happen when you put a heel stable of talented wrestlers together. I'm digging the Hurt Business.

  3. The United States Championship may be back with The Hurt Business, but it’s still not with its rightful owner. Apollo Crews was not physically capable of defending his title at Extreme Rules. By normal rules, he should’ve had to forfeit the title to MVP meaning that MVP is the rightful United States Champion and everyone else is just parading around with a plastic title and until that title is BACK in the possession of its rightful owner, MVP, and until MVP gets a fair opportunity to defend his title against a real challenger, nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

  4. I love Raw Talk this is amazing and The Hurt Business are amazing ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Its funny how Vince has all the black guys grouped up and fighting the other group of black dudes. Vince isnt racist lol. "Were gonna have a group of bad black dudes fight with the other group of good black dudes" why cant you space it out? He has the Mexicans grouped up also. Jesus man add some whites to the group or something

  6. I have to say when MVP returned I was not impressed. But now the hurt business is badass and he and benjamin should get the tag titles.

  7. I want more members for this faction such as alexander
    Can hurt business make raw better?
    Exacly yes if wwe have more creativity
    This faction is phenomenal

  8. The Nation of Domination ain't got nothing on these boys. No offense, the OG faction still resonates today but these boys are the future.

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