Watch WWE Mickie James frustrated after loss in return: WWE Network Exclusive, Aug. 17, 2020

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After coming up short in her first match in nearly a year, Mickie James is irritated at the attitude of Natalya & Lana. WWE Network | Subscribe now: …

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This WWE’s video is titled Mickie James frustrated after loss in return: WWE Network Exclusive, Aug. 17, 2020 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:01:43, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. WWE wrestlers don't win matches or championships. Instead, they are told before the match begin, by the powers-that-be in the WWE who will win and lose matches. WWE wrestles don't win matches, like a MLB or NFL team win their games.

  2. You know she was more upset that she got the jobber treatment and her return match was overshadowed by Seth Rollins, but you know WWE's not gonna allow her to complain about that…

  3. Mickie was so great in TNA as well it’s like after her TNA days she returns and wwe is like “well we don’t need her anymore wasn’t she winning championships in TNA?” Well Yea but she is a legend every legend deserves to make a return with a lot of respect for what they have done for the business I’m pretty sure the women would still be called divas if Candice mickie Ashley and torrie and Victoria,trish,lita jazz molly Michelle Layla Beth Maryse Alicia nattie if they weren’t there breaking down doors

  4. Most pathetic thing I've ever seen in WWE. She returns after being gone for over a year, gets no entrance, loses by countout to Natalya while Lana films with her phone, and they acted like the match wasn't even happening because Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe were arguing during it.

  5. Tbh wwe will never be the same I know it’s just acting but it’s like there’s no love for it like it use to be. It’s like everything is either last min or rushed I just can’t watch any more.

  6. She needs to SNAP. This seems like mickie/laycool again, but i think its about time she slipped back into psycho mickie. Take a hit to the head and start acting out of the ordinary… hell, feud with nicki cross and really take it up a gear

  7. Natalya?.. she's getting boring with her story of being part of women's revolution and being a underdog, she's had chances to run with women's title and didn't impress creative

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