Watch WWE Ruby Riott vs. Peyton Royce: Raw, Aug. 17, 2020

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Ruby Riott looks to even the score against The IIconics, as Peyton Royce fills in for Billie Kay in one-on-one competition. #WWERAW WWE Network | Subscribe …

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This WWE’s video is titled Ruby Riott vs. Peyton Royce: Raw, Aug. 17, 2020 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:02:16, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. Glad Peyton isn’t just a sidekick to Billie anymore.. I hope to see more of a push for all four of these women honestly. All haven’t been used right.. repackaged liv Morgan only to be given a little bit of a push against Lana and noting drastically different after.. repackaged the iiconics only to be given a push and again nothing drastically different.. hope they all get treated right..

  2. It’s sad that they haven’t been putting their matches on the Hulu version of raw. WWE, you need to realize that not everybody has cable nor do they want cable, we are in the streaming age. It would be nice if you could put the full episodes of raw on Hulu especially because you guys don’t do next day streaming on the WWE network.

  3. I like ruby riot however, she really needs to work on her character, I mean she even has green hair now she needs her own trail to blaze why change her look she looked fine

  4. Why doesn’t Hulu put these “underground” on their app? There’s always a match I miss because of Hulu/wwe. sad enough I find out on YouTube. Another week with another great match missed

  5. I'm in love with IIconnicS Payton Royce & Billey Kae ?? they come with style with awesome theme song they look like million bucks act like trillion and wrestle like a Superstar But WWE yea you guys sucks and will always suck

  6. I really like the iconics …. but (here we go) …… I feel like Payton Royce is looking like the workhorse of the team. I reckon she could become a strong singles competitor once again.

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