Watch WWE Seth Rollins turns heads backstage with white gear at SummerSlam 2015: WWE Day Of sneak peek

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Seth Rollins previews his iconic white gear for Becky Lynch, Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon before his match against John Cena at SummerSlam 2015 in …

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This WWE’s video is titled Seth Rollins turns heads backstage with white gear at SummerSlam 2015: WWE Day Of sneak peek and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:02:08, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. Honestly I don't like Seth Rollins, or civil named Colby Lopez, at all. Especially for what this man did with REY MYSTERIO. If it would be about external-terrestrial laguages I definitely would always say to him, without ever apologizing myself and especially ever regretting this, kree jel'na hata' aka, gwa gai cha ba kha tah' keck, na dev vo yi gosh patakh, tenoqh khadibakh, ish ka kwe / que ai durug nur.

    I hope indeed that my idols eye will heal soon and that colby's neck gets punted some day for real, right before his crotch gets kicked at least with a steelcap shoe.

    Ayyo listen up Colby a.k.a. Seth Rollins – and I propose, you listend dang good. I don't atend you, I don't fear you, and for much more, I won't ever respect you, no matter what time remains.

    In other words, first, be glad for sure, that I see it now, that on not even s*** valent persons I won't make my own hands unclean. And second, pray from now on till to the end of time, that I won't have ever interest of making it possible, to arrange people, who are indeed against you too, and afterwards hit you, together with me, where it hurts you the most, not just on the psychological, but more, on the hardest physical way.

    So to make it short, don't you, as single person, ever underestimate me, for the things, wich I'm really able to do, or can initiate, against people like you. Also when it can hit those as well, who stand closest to you indeed. So in the words, of a former direct colleague of you. Whether you do this or not man, you can believe that!

  2. He honestly has his face quite similar to Jesus , who knows maybe he came down as Seth ( jk )

  3. Seth looks nothing like the messiah. Brainwashed people of this world know more about the wwe than the Son!

  4. 2015 Seth Rollins
    Imma beat you John cena

    2020 seth Rollins
    Imma beat you Dominic mysterio

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