Watch NBA ? Nikola Jokic (30 PTS, 14 REB) Propels Nuggets in Game 7!

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Denver’s crafty big-man Nikola Jokic lifted the Nuggets to HUGE Game 7 win over the Utah Jazz that sent the Nuggets to the Western Conference Semifinals …

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This NBA’s video is titled ? Nikola Jokic (30 PTS, 14 REB) Propels Nuggets in Game 7! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:03:21, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Overall the most valuable center in the league; Nikola Jokic. Everyone playing with him looks better than they really are.. Love how him and Jamal played a game of chess with Utah. If it's not Nikola, than it's Jamal; if it's not Jamal than it's Nikola, delivering blues to the jazz, all series long. When Jamal is on fire, Nikola focuses on assists; when Jamal's struggling, Nikola scores and rebounds big. Btw, Harris is the x-factor, coming up with a steel on clutch Jazz possession. Grant shaping up into a star. Jason reliable team player. Craig played solid D. MPJ raising star. They miss Barton, especially when Millsap doesn't show up. Series with Clippers will be interesting. Hope Nuggets win as Clippers are dirty. Expect Doc Rivers to instruct Morris to try hurting Murray.

  2. That Embiid talk 24/7 on Inside The NBA needs to freaking stop. JOKIC killed the debate once and for all as to who the best center in the league is. Two years in a row that he puts up monster performances in the Playoffs. He needs to stop being so overlooked.

  3. Its sad that such a world class player doesnt get the respect that he deserves maybe when he win the playoffs or something i mean look how he is playing in the offensive jokic is clutch as hell can shot pass dribble he is the most versatile big man

  4. For those who claim Jokic is the best center or whatever you call it, come on. This is just the first round of postseason, and they struggled to literally the very last second of game seven when Den's last 3 barely missed. I guess if Den made that 3, NBA won't even bother to make this video for Jokic, and most of you guys who bluffed Jokic won't think about Jokic now

  5. omg so Gobert dont fall for fakes no it conclude Jokic is schooled/schooling him and jokic sux he is white not funny shit on shirt foreigner showing on everygame yeah he sux trade him

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